Beauty women are for whom

The world has never been so full of beautiful women in every sense.

In fact, beauty today is in every girl’s consciousness, as an obligation to do. Sometimes, eyebrow pencil is more important than brushing your teeth in the morning.

Because beauty is now more than just a responsibility, not just for women but for men.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho PHỤ NỮ LÀM ĐẸP

I believe there is one thing that most women have done more than once: makeup, spray perfume, look at themselves, then remove makeup or go to bed. For men, the makeup of women when at home alone will probably still be something difficult to understand. When no one is watching you, do you have to be beautiful?

Most women are like that, they were born without anyone to teach, have a natural instinct to beautify naturally and mature. But if someone asks me when a woman is most beautiful, I would say it is on the first date and after the divorce.

One thing that every man has gone through is waiting for her in front of the mirror to choose how many dresses. And trust me, the more fussy a girl looks at a date, the more important she is to her.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho PHỤ NỮ LÀM ĐẸP

No matter how much she tries to deny it, women have been beautifying for thousands of years with the deepest purpose of impressing the opposite sex. They can wear makeup, look at themselves and go to sleep, but it’s still better than being able to do everything to prepare someone to look at you.

It is the instinct that has been created into our genome for a long time, men conquer, and women have to be attractive. And as mentioned above, the woman after divorce is surprisingly beautiful. Maybe even they themselves don’t realize it.

Women today are aware of that, so they learn how to make themselves beautiful in every situation. As for women, be honest with me, don’t tell me you don’t need anyone to look at you beautiful! I think being a beautiful woman, of course, you should be looking at, respecting and praising.

Personality Science – The future of fashion

When Instagram turned fashion into a show sport, and social media influencers really started to catch the attention of the public, the more intense the fashion content got hit be liked.

We suddenly have a need to sift through all these shiny things, turn fashion back into a personal choice and end up stressed out of having to choose too many options.

Dedication implies a desire to perform tasks well, to uphold the rules, and to seriously perform obligations to others. Extroversion is based on whether an individual is motivated by being alone or with others. Comfort discloses how to motivate a person to be cooperative and loved by everyone. Sensitivity measures the person’s emotional stability.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho khoa học thời trang

All these personality traits are reflected in each person’s aesthetic, and it is the relationship between personal personality and aesthetic trends that underlie fashion psychology.

For example, you are looking for a dress to attend a friend’s wedding in Cebu. The time to stand before countless choices, labor dragging and searching on google has ended. An e-commerce platform powered by deep-learning artificial intelligence models is probably also smart enough to personalize the shopping experience and calculate contextual, emotional, and personality traits.

When personalization through AI support is subtle enough, users don’t even know that their shopping experience is personalized. Users see better products and smarter websites, feel more inspired, and quickly get the products they want.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

The fashion industry, however, must determine that this type of online personalization will require a lot of data, not to mention that consumers must be accustomed to providing data and staying logged in. Retailers will have to commit to being responsible for the data, while consumers must accept to provide additional information to enhance their experience.

Understanding fashion psychology will also change the way articles reach readers and save journals from the current recession. Content about fashion will become more personal, less redundant.

Learning fashionista how to mix clothes in winter

If you are wondering how to mix warm and luxurious clothes, please refer to the suggestions of fashionista series below. With 1.5 million followers on Instagram, it is not difficult to understand when the simple street style picture of Blair Eadie achieved tens of thousands of likes.

With a rainy day on the street, she chose a trench coat. There are very luxury with leopard print motifs mixed with gold boots, accompanied by a colored umbrella.

On cold days in Korea, a set of clothes blended using a layer formula like Blair Eadie is the most ideal suggestion. With a turtleneck combo, a sleeveless vest and a long evening dress, fashionista has an extremely warm set.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Cheralee Lyle

Jenny Tsang dressed up with neutral colors as the mainstream. Her mix is ​​quite simple when combining a turtleneck sweater with khaki pants and colorful checkered shirts. Of course, it is indispensable to have luxurious leather boots.

Again is a set of super cool hacked items suggested by fashionista Hong Kong. She combined the black tree with the warm cotton lining jacket. To create elegance, this girl used special accessories, such as an impressive texture scarf.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Cheralee Lyle

Alexandra Lapp always pursues a style that is luxurious, trendy but no less liberal. Last week, she walked down the street in tweed cloth coats, jeans, spike heels and large handbags. With a skirt hugging impressive motifs, she chose to wear with black T-shirt and black blazer.

Chriselle Lim becomes an inspiration for fashionista in the world. One set of clothes suggested by this fashionista is to choose the black tone as the main theme when mixing long leather shirts and impressive polka dots boots.

Cheralee Lyle showed off her sexy body with a smooth turtleneck and jeans. Pythons thigh leather boot and bucket bag add style to the look.

Mickey Mouse is present on all shoes in 2020

It is sold at a variety of prices, the world’s most influential fashion brands all launch their shoes in 2020.

Gucci was one of the first brands to launch a product featuring Mickey Mouse prints. They hit the Asian market in 2020, Gucci is the name that most attention.

The collection for the five mice of the company includes many products such as bags, pants, shirts, but the most prominent is still 5 models of shoes and sandals. Launched in mid-January of this year, these shoes immediately sparked a debate across forums as well as the shoe industry.

Chuot Mickey co mat tren moi doi giay, tu Zara cho den Gucci hinh anh 15 gucci15_1.jpg

Besides complimenting the youthful, dynamic but still very sophisticated design, many people said that the collection is too expensive for the Asian market because the price starts from 370 USD for sandals and about 890 USD for sneakers.

On January 6, fashion followers quickly noticed the Mickey Mouse-shaped products from the Moschino brand. With only one shoe model appearing in the launch with clothes. The company does not use the original image of the famous mouse of Disney, but the modified image.

Receiving compliments with creativity and clever thinking in the use of high-quality leather, this shoe also encountered mixed comments. The shoe is currently priced at $ 445 on its homepage and stores around the world.

Chuot Mickey co mat tren moi doi giay, tu Zara cho den Gucci hinh anh 24 gucci28_1.jpg

This popular fashion brand knows how to please shoppers. After a series of high-heeled shoes with Mickey and Minnie Mouse pictures released in October last year. No longer the 7 cm heel cap, instead are youthful, personality sneakers.

The price of 129 USD for each version is the number that is commented to be quite high compared to the brand and the shoes are not too beautiful. Besides, there are still many people who actively support for Aldo’s new collection.

In addition to the Ultra Boost models with bold spring flower motifs, adidas also quickly launched 3 versions of Stan Smith and Superstar shoes.

3 most famous fashion designers of all time

The twentieth century saw the engineer transform and flourish with fashion. Leading this shift is a series of illustrious names in the fashion industry.

All of them are fashion icons from the last century and today, their legacy to this world are solid fashion empires with countless designs that strongly influence the style. contemporary fashion way.

We introduce to you the names of 3 world fashion designers who have succeeded in embellishing, portraying the lovely beauty of women and the elegance of gentlemen through his unique fashion designs.

Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent has become a big name in the fashion industry from innovating in the redesign of strong masculine outfits to be soft and feminine to serve the needs of women. Yves Saint Laurent is one of the big names in French fashion design and also the first to show the world the power of women’s wear. He also designed the smoking jacket, an elegant and elegant symbol of gentlemen. One of the most important legacies he left behind for the fashion world was the “ready-to-wear” line of clothing.

Pierre Cardin

This French-Italian man has been praised by the whole world for his 20th-century designed products that still retain their modern and aesthetic values ​​to this day. The peak of Pierre’s fame was when the world was racing into space, the innovations in his design being the manifesto of futurism. Pierre’s legendary bubble dress is a combination of all aspects of the future, inspired by fiction, a combination of elegant standards at the time. Unique colors in his own world. It was a daring pioneer that spoke of great thoughts, especially liberation in women’s fashion.

Tom Ford

The name tom Ford blew a youthful breeze into the list of famous fashion designers, he is one of the most famous designers in the world today. The childhood person who once dreamed of becoming an actor once held Creative Director positions at Yves Saint Laurent and Gucci. Tom Ford, born in Texas, has embraced an acting career since he was a kid, but fate has “designed” a different path for him, so today we have a designer. talent in the international fashion village. In 2000, he climbed to the height of fame and became known internationally when he won the Best International Designer Award.

The fluctuations of fashion village in 2019

Two retail brands filed for bankruptcy, some high-end fashion lines stopped working, and legendary Karl Lagerfeld died in 2019.

In August and September, two famous merchants – New York Barneys and Forever 21 – filed for bankruptcy in US federal court after financial problems. According to WWD, New York retailer, Barneys has 5,000 creditors, each with a few million dollars each. Multidisciplinary company ABG bought the brand for $ 271 million in November.

Forever 21 closed 178 stores in the United States and most locations in Asia and Europe, including its subsidiary Riley Rose. Vice-Chairman Linda Chang said the fashion house is still in the process of restructuring its business operations and repositioning the brand. Last year, the company faced a crisis when it got involved in lawsuits with singer Ariana Grande and Adidas sports fashion brand.

In addition to the two bankrupt brands, many fashion houses have to stop operating, including Zac Posen. The famous brand of Posen – House of Z – could not be maintained due to the end of sponsorship contracts with Yucaipa Cos Investment Company. (USA), 60 employees have lost their jobs since November.

Victoria’s Secret canceled the annual show. Stuart Burgdoerfer, CEO of parent company L Brand, explains that lingerie shows don’t help the brand significantly increase sales. Many experts say the program loses its appeal due to the aesthetic perception of women’s physique and attractiveness. According to market research firm Nielsen, the planet’s largest lingerie show lost half its audience in the past two years and had the lowest viewership in history in 2018 (3.27 million).

205W39NYC is the most famous product line under Raf Simons as creative director for Calvin Klein. The designer left the company in December 2018 ahead of schedule (the three-year contract between the two sides ended August of this year). According to WWD, Raf Simons has a different vision, flashy style not related to the general orientation of the brand, which emphasizes modernity and minimalism.

2019 witnessed a lot of parting between designers and brands. In June, Keren Craig left Marchesa – the brand she founded with Georgina Chapman in 2003. Marchesa has been in trouble since late October 2017 when director Harvey Weinstein – Chapman’s husband – was accused of sexual assault. Weinstein was also accused by a number of actresses like Felicity Huffman, Renée Zellweger and Kerry Washington to force them to wear Marchesa costumes on the red carpet. The brand then has to cancel its fashion shows.

Demna Gvasalia parted with Vetements – the brand he founded with his brother Guram Gvasalia in 2014 – in September. During 5 years of working with French fashion brand, Gvasalia quickly promoted streetwear style to crowded users. When he left, he said he had completed his mission with the company, wanting to open a new era for both himself and his old brand.

Meanwhile, the famous fashion brand Chanel lost the big creative director – fashion house Karl Lagerfeld – died on February 19.

Beautiful skin color crowned in 2019

2019 is the year when the colorful beauty queens are crowned. Both Miss World and Miss Universe are colored people. Miss World 2019 belongs to the beautiful Jamaican Toni-Ann Singh.

This is the 4th time in history, a beautiful Jamaican crowned king in the Miss World arena. Toni-Ann Singh is currently recording the song “I have nothing” by black pop queen Whitney Houston. She takes that to raise charity “Beauty with a purpose” worldwide.

The new Miss Universe Tunzi was invited by the Queen of color television Oprah Winfrey to visit the women’s leadership academy that she founded. Because the answer of Tunzi’s leadership role for young women before his coronation was impressed.

This year, for the first time in history, beauty pageants such as Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss America and Miss Teen America all belonged to people of color.

The first black beauty ever crowned at Miss World was Jennifer Hosten of South Africa in 1970. And Miss Universe first in the world was Janelle Commissiong crowned in 1977.

The reigning Miss South Africa Tamaryn Green has just revealed she has spent her days battling tuberculosis and has filmed. Now she has returned to school. Here she became a messenger of tuberculosis prevention.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Sắc đẹp da màu lên ngôi

During this time, she had to temporarily stop studying for treatment. After this illness, she immediately returned to the classroom for fear of not being able to follow the class.

But then she got sick again, this time she had to fight hepatitis and was forced to ask briefly. Fortunately, in December 2015, she was cured of illness and returned to the path of study.

Before falling seriously ill, Ms. Green applied for Miss South Africa. However, her health condition forced her to withdraw. Three years later, she continued to apply again, and this time history called Green.

The secret to becoming a golfer has the most impressive style on the field

The prominent golfers in the golf sport are often the faces representing many golf fashion brands. They always need to ensure their beautiful and well-groomed image when appearing on the golf course as well as in public.

Therefore, learning the fashion styles of these famous golfers is an absolutely bright and simple thing for you to form a stable style for yourself.

If you are a fan of the classic look on the pitch, do not miss the Arnold Plamer outfit. This Golfer has a fairly simple, strong and fashionable fashion style that is extremely luxurious and trendy.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

If you are a fan of the sophistication and sophistication of modern golf apparel, then Adam Scott is a golfer you should be aware of.

Scott is considered one of the most impressive golf clubs in the market today. He always knows how to refresh himself by regularly updating the latest designs of fashion brands.

Or you are someone who always wants to be the focus of attention when appearing, choose a style similar to Billy Horschel. This golfer always makes others unable to take their eyes off because of the pants with many motifs and their colorful colors.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho thời trang golf

The first, if you want the clothes you wear to be coherent and logical, then from accessories to clothing, you have to choose the same style. You cannot wear a modern outfit but wear a pair of classic shoes that do not fit.

The second, create accents, not turn your whole outfit into a highlight. It would be extremely ridiculous if you combine a checkerboard shirt with a colorful pants with countless motifs.

Instead of that, you can use a monochromatic pair of pants, or keep the floral pants and combine it with a simple T-shirt or shirt with elegant colors. Another small tip is that you should choose a belt of the same color as your pants or shirt so you don’t feel like your friend is being divided into 3 separate parts.

Which perfume bottles for summer you should choose

The summer is hot, so choosing fragrances with a light and refreshing scent will be the first choice to help you feel more comfortable and confident.

Here are the perfume bottles suitable for summer weather.

Miu Miu Twist Eau de Parfum

The perfume bottle has fruity scents and fresh flowers but is not too sweet. Its ingredients include bergamot, amber and tonka bean.

Bloom Gocce di Fiori Eau de Toilette

Jasmine and tuberose are the stars in Gucci Bloom’s newest ingredient. Its fragrance is gentle on the skin. Therefore, perfume bottles are the first choice for those who do not like the scent too passionately.

Chloe Nomade Eau de Toilette

If you’re dressed in Bohemian style, this warm and sunny scent is for you.

Un Jardin sur la Lagune

Wood scent is more of a perfume bottle than a sweet floral scent, this new fragrance from Hermes is inspired by a dream and a secret garden.

 Flowerbomb Midnight

This is a perfume bottle for summer dating. Black currants, jasmine blossoms in the night, and musk are the main components of sexy perfume bottles.

Mon Guerlain Eau de Toilette Bloom of Rose

The new version of the Mon Guerlain perfume bottle not only has vanilla, jasmine, lavender, but also has rose and neroli.

Moschino Toy 2

With a cute appearance, it doesn’t really matter how the fragrance smells. However, the composition of the perfume bottle with floral, orange, tangerine and green apple fragrance will give you a cool feeling.

Candy Night Eau de Parfum

The versions of Prada Candy always make us fascinated but with the Candy Night perfume bottle, the scent is not only sweet, feminine but also full of charm, perfume bottle is the perfect choice for summer nights.

Tiffany Sheer Eau de Toilette

The design of the perfume bottle is like a pair of delicate and luxurious diamond earrings. The perfume bottle is perfect for those who want to keep a light and cool scent.

What is beautiful eyes? The standard beauty of women in the world

Are your eyes praised by many people for being up to standard or not? Do not skip the article below, because it will bring you lots of new information you probably never thought of.

It’s hard to set an absolute standard when it comes to every beauty. Considering the eyes, what is beautiful eyes should be seen through many angles.

The beautiful eyes not only in terms of lines, but also in accordance with the total face. That is why the anthropologist has studied the proportions, millimeters by which a person’s face, eyes, nose, mouth, chin …

Beautiful eyes must bring the owner a different charisma. What is beautiful eyes will be explained by emotions, when you sad, happy .. flexible your eyes change with emotion. In particular, the eyes should be facing upwards, so that the eyes are not drooping down, bringing a sad mood.

To own a beautiful eyes, you can intervene with plastic surgery. However, to have a bright eyes is not easy at all. You need to know how to take care of your eyes, have a reasonable diet and diet to keep your eyes sharp. All eyes conditions are related to your lifestyle.

Up to now, double eyelids has always been considered the beauty standard. This is not a coincidence. It is actually the desire to improve of the ethnic group whose physical structure is single eyelid. That’s why cosmetic technology is booming in Korea, where 80 percent of the population has single eyelids and wants to change.

Coming to Paris, the women here always encourage the bare face when going out, they are not too fussy or elaborate. Although Paris is considered the capital of the fashion world. This may seem a little arrogant, but it is true. Completely different from the US, movie stars often carefully makeup to be hunted.

Artist VioLette said: “We want to live with ourselves, feel more comfortable than constantly innovating”.