Secret body fat 12% of hot gymer Malaysia

Cathryn Li has turned 31 but still young, especially impressive physique.

Cathryn Li is a Malaysian multi-talented model, actress, pianist and ballet dancer. Not only that, the beauty born in 1989 also received a lot of attention from the public when she had a statue-like physique.

Not surprisingly, Cathryn Li has a good-looking appearance with a delicate face, high nose bridge because her mother participated and won the prize at a beauty contest in Malaysia. In addition, she has a height of 1m70 and a slender figure admirable.

However, a while ago she was criticized for having a “body shaming” statement. Specifically, on the Story section on Instagram, she wrote that people who are wearing S-size clothes should stop eating and going to the gym because they are overweight. Her reason is that in Asia, S size is equivalent to size M, size M is size L and she must try to reduce to size XS or XXS while asserting that she is at the standard level of XXS.

Her share has sparked controversy, some say, she has no right to judge if someone is overweight or even sarcastic because she thinks she has millions of followers so all will have to listen. word. Others wrote that many girls had health problems and even died from dieting due to the unrealistic beauty standards, but Cathryn Li cheered for that model.

Shortly thereafter, Cathryn Li explained the standard of this physique to people who wanted to model and she quickly removed the story after realizing the problem and admitting this was a serious mistake. She herself was also a victim of body shaming, and then she decided to pursue the standard skinny model even though she knew how harsh this beauty standard was.

She apologized after speaking out to evaluate the appearance of others.

Cathryn Li started practicing sports in 2007. Every day she started by jogging then going to the gym. Cathryn Li’s exercises focused mostly on weight training as well as squats. Although she loves fitness, Cathryn Li is not a muscular type but still possesses feminine curves.

Despite being tall, Cathryn Li weighs about 45 kg, body is only 12% fat. She shared, as long as you persevere and do not care how tired training you will get results. Besides, do not think that the purpose of going to the gym is to lose weight but it is important to find balance and want to be more beautiful.

Cathryn Li suggested that people should start training slowly then increase intensity, hard and heavy repercussions in the first place. She believes that not every exercise is every part will be beautiful, but you should combine the whole body and each part depending on the change of physique. In addition, Cathryn Li is a ballet dancer so she interleaved dance practice to burn energy. In addition, beautiful people also practice more aerobic.

In addition to exercise, Cathryn Li also controlled eating, she will limit carbohydrates to as much as possible, instead eat less fat vegetables and meat. In addition, the desserts she should not touch and emphasize the complete removal of sugar is extremely important. Cathryn Li will cook for herself at home and mainly cook boiled dishes to keep the most nutrients as well as limit the grease. One day, she consumes more than 1000 calories.

Recipes for smooth skin thanks to these natural teas

Natural herbal tea helps to take care of the body from the inside. Another plus of these drinks is that they contain less caffeine than coffee. Therefore, tea lovers can feel more secure with the habit of enjoying drinks derived from this nature.

Currently, there are many types of herbal teas on the market, depending on your preferences and uses that you can choose the type of tea you like. Here are some suggestions for popular herbal teas that contain lots of antioxidants. That’s bringing the maximum effect to the health of users.

You can use thyme tea regularly to take full advantage of its benefits, preferably in the early morning. This tea is considered the optimal solution for many health problems. Musk tea is famous for its antioxidant properties, high in vitamin C and vitamin A.

If you work hard to drink 1 cup of chamomile tea before bed, any worry about sleep-related problems can be solved. This is literally a safe sedative from nature.

Not stopping there, this tea is also recommended for people with gastrointestinal problems. Chamomile tea will work great when used at least 30 minutes before bed.

Drinking lavender tea before bed helps you sleep better while helping to relax the body. If you are not familiar, you will feel the scent of this tea is very strange. However, they are very useful in addressing respiratory diseases.

Ginger is known to be a natural remedy for digestive symptoms. In addition, this tea also improves your appetite. Especially on cold days, ginger tea is very helpful in preventing the flu. You should use this delicious drink in the morning.

You can drink rosehip tea 3-4 times a day. This tea is rich in vitamin C, which is great for removing toxins. It has the ability to reduce inflammation as well as reduce belly fat for people who want to lose weight. At the same time, rosehip tea also has effective anti-aging power and excellent skin care.

What is Swarovski crystal? what makes women hunt for Swarovski jewelry

In 1883 of the 18th century, a gentleman named Daniel Swarovski visited the international electrical equipment exhibition held in the Austrian capital Vienna. Here, he had the opportunity to see firsthand the electrical equipment invented by Thomas Edison – America’s most famous scientist at the time.

He quickly realized the great potential as well as the importance of scientific technology in jewelry making. After rigorous evaluations and calculations, in 1892 Daniel decided to apply for an exclusive patent for his first invention, the automatic crystal cutter with the highest level of precision. What kind of machine is available at the present time.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Swarovski

Compared to having to cut crystals by hand, Daniel’s machine is considered a revolution in the gem industry when it comes to producing high-quality crystals that are cut precisely and finely. minimet. Three years later, Daniel started to build a factory in Wattens (Austria) specializing in producing sparkling crystals, which was the forerunner of the then famous global gemstone manufacturing and processing company, Swarovski.

The name Swarovski is named after its founder, Daniel Swarovski. Over a century of formation and development, now Swarovski is known not only for its famous beautiful crystals but also for its presence in all areas such as accessories, jewelry and fashion.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Swarovski

Swarovski Crystal is a Swarovski crystal product manufactured with a blend of raw materials, additional metal components and proprietary cutting technology. Swarovski crystal production technology has been registered and is the company’s top secret. Hardness is about 8 – 8.5 on the Mohs scale. The section is mainly triangular and hexagonal, so when placed next to each other will optimize dispersion.

According to some leading experts in gemstone research, a Swarovski crystal has a lead rate of up to 32%, while that of a normal crystal is about 6-10%. This helps the crystal beads to achieve diamond-like transparency and brightness, thereby optimizing the light’s ability to refract light, the more shiny it is used.

French girls are … very crazy

French women represent an elegant and classic school of fashion. Surely you have heard a lot about French women in general and about girls in Paris in particular. They represent an unadulterated elegant and classic fashion style.

They have an irregular lifestyle as the way they beautify themselves. But you know, not only beautiful, needless, always smelling of attractive scents, French girls are also … “crazy” anymore. And it is the “crazy” that makes them an endless source of inspiration about lifestyle.

If you’ve ever peeked through a French girl’s bag, you’ll come across a new height of clutter. French women prefer low-cut tote bags because it is one of the typical accessories of minimalist style. Then they cram whatever they can into it, even … trash.

It is not difficult to find chewing gum residues in curled dry wrapping paper or invoices of all sorts at the bottom of the bag. This shows the quite carefree lifestyle of French women. They don’t let their minds bother themselves into the details and tie themselves into any framework.

They may not really care or just pretend like that. Who knows. But one thing is for sure, they are not afraid of being judged by anyone for whatever they do. They are comfortable expressing themselves and not thinking too much about “tomorrow”.

It is very easy to socialize with the French but it is very difficult to play with them. You may find them artificially friendly when meeting you and kissing your cheek but to be able to start a conversation and extend the conversation to them for more than 5 minutes, never!

It’s a little mean when judging others to be mean. However, the problem is that no one needs to judge, French women know that they are mean. And they take it as a natural character, and keeping it shows their steadfast nature. Bad, then nothing. The harmless malice that does not affect anyone is acceptable. There, they are crazy.

Renovating personal fashion style in 2019

Taking care of yourself is always a great start to starting a new year. A revolution for style is really what you should do right away. The following suggestions may be a source of inspiration for the boys.

A good clothing store needs to be inspected and updated every time. Your wardrobe is no exception. With a few simple steps in the following men’s fashion style reform, we will help you get ready for the new year.

phong cach thoi trang nam - elle man (13)

Simply the foundation of splendor, because when building simple simplicity, you can wear many layers or add accessories without being overly oversized. So the first advice is to keep the basic, minimalist things that you wear the most. Plain t-shirts, dark jeans, gray sweatshirts, or oxford shirts and accessories that you use every day, all should be kept or added if needed.

If you see that baggy is not my type of pants, you should try a pair of stand-up pants. It was quite a reasonable item to cover any defects of the legs. Besides it is minimalistic but still creates enough attraction for your outfit. It all depends on how well you understand your body and what it fits. Open the closet! Perhaps you’ve missed some of the details in the wardrobe that can give you a great experience when you make use of them for new distributions.

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People are always arguing that Swiss watches are the “king” of high-end watches. However, do not think any Swiss watch is worth a fortune, there are always more suitable options for your purse and also help you look no less than a luxury watch.

With a modest price of around £ 500, you can try the Hamilton, Christopher Ward or Tissot brands. All are produced in Switzerland, and all carry their own “substance” while still satisfying your pocket.

why women need to be beautiful

There are many women who don’t take care of their beauty. However, the fact that appearance is always the first impression for the opposite. Whether you are dating a man, or you are interviewing at a certain company, taking care of a perfect appearance always impresses others. Not only that, beauty looks in modern life is the key to success in career for women.

This is undoubtedly disappointing for women who have traditional conceptions, respect the beauty of the soul, but it’s always true in real life. The fact that a man is so enamored of the beauty of a girl is not simply a hobby, but a law of creation. The biological nature of the man the creator gave is the ability to propagate.

They are always fascinated by a woman with good looks. Because in the subconscious of men, a beautiful woman will give birth to beautiful, intelligent children. It is because of this biological nature that sometimes men do not distinguish between natural beauty and artificial beauty. As long as they feel a sexy, beautiful woman, they will be easily attracted.

When women understand this problem, accept the natural truth of creation, always take care of yourself and take care of your beauty so that your man is always in love with you. Whether women of any age, circumstances, will have their own beauty. Just take care of it a little, your man will always be by your side.

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Be honest with yourself, you really want to be beautiful to confidently meet anyone and appeal to them at first sight, or you want to be clumsy, sloppy to expect others to see beauty soul inside you? No matter how you answer, you’re right.

However, you need to accept the obvious fact that beautiful people are more confident than non-beauties. Especially for women, it is even more true than many times. Because women themselves represent women. The beauty of women not only makes themselves more confident, but also affects the psychology of the man next door.

The book revealed the secret of beauty care for Japanese women

Skin dance” is given to any woman who reads it a simple and effective secret that restores and maintains the dreamy skin. Not only for Japanese women, over the years, declining health and especially faded beauty has always been a secret sadness of almost every woman in the world.

The signs of age are most pronounced first in the skin – with the appearance of wrinkles in the corners of the mouth, corners of the eyes, the phenomenon of melasma and freckles, sagging skin or dull skin pigmentation …

Hình ảnh có liên quan

However, the Japanese female dermatologist Okyanmama has stated that, in fact, all signs such as wrinkles, melasma or freckles are not the deciding factor in whether a face is aging. .

The biggest cause of the impression of aging in the face of women is the sagging of the skin surface and the muscles under the skin. And this same woman, the author of the book Dance of the Skin, recently published in the world, created a method of massage and facial muscles training, which is likened to “collective practice.” sex “for the muscle bundles under the skin, bring a clear facial lift effect and rejuvenate the miraculous face after only a short period of hard practice.

As soon as it was launched, Skin Dance was amazing and conquered millions of Japanese women because of the effect that the method brings to their skin. Especially, the massage movements are very easy to follow and perform at home every night, which is remarkably effective over time, without painful surgery, without using expensive skin care products …

Kết quả hình ảnh cho chăm sóc da

Okyanmama herself also had to endure a surprisingly aging aging skin when she was only 38 years old, and always cooked her intention to do facial lift surgery to save the situation. But now, she is 52 years old and still possesses a skin full of vitality like a woman over 30.

Not only writing about the miraculous skin rejuvenating massage, Okyanmama also shared a myriad of good skin care tips that she collected and experienced from her journey of tens of years working in the beauty field. : Nursing skin from inside. Eating helps nourish the core of the skin, Face lift even when sleeping with “secret weapons”, The more simple the skin care cycle, the higher the effect, jojoba oil and secretly tighten the pores hair…

The Men’s Fashion Trends

Since ancient times in the traditional fashion style, people have had feelings of sportswear, and it has certainly never been a universal item. In the past few decades, what we still love to wear every day, which gives us the freedom to be confident – Yes that finally appears on the catwalk.

It is popular and affects most people, especially young people through pop music, street style. From actors, to athletes, all love sports. So there is nothing difficult to understand when we like to look at it.

It is popular and affects most people, especially young people through pop music, street style. From actors, to athletes, all love sports. So there is nothing difficult to understand when we like to look at it.

However, this is not just a game to play. It can make you look ridiculous if you don’t know how to incorporate costumes so attractive. Here are some of our analysis of what you should and should not do when deciding to mix your sportswear.

Say goodbye to the loose-fitting shirts with cotton – the heavy and aesthetically pleasing version of the towels. We come with sweatshirts and sweatshirts _ one of the favorite and indispensable items in athletes’ lockers.

With the advantages such as: light, comfortable and easy-to-move cloth material, simple clothes with simple sewing technology often help top-class athletes in the world to be confident about their destination, win Win in the final seconds. In addition, the sweatshirts also help regulate the wearer’s body temperature, making you feel cool when you return home after a stressful day of work.

There are two trends that seem at first glance: daily tight jogger suits and slimliner Jogger suits that seem to say, “I’m ready for a marathon.” There is no clear difference between these two styles, but the problem lies deep in the material!

Because you wear jogger not for running sports, then choose designs that fit your body. I emphasize again here: we are talking about Athleisure-style clothes, not sports suits.

Soy is so good for beauty Women

Soy contains compounds called isoflavone, a plant hormone. When eaten it, the compounds are broken down by the bacteria in the colon to form genistein and daidzein. They have the same activity as the body’s estrogen.

One of the familiar and easy-to-make drinks at home is preferred by soy milk. It is only because of its delicious taste but also because of the effects of soymilk on health and beautifying people so magic.

Excessive abdominal fat increases the risk of heart disease and diabetes. Studies show that drinking a glass of soy milk daily will help reduce this excess fat. Apply persistent drinking soy milk for 3 months, you will see their effect on your abdomen.

Protein is the major constituent of hair. Undeniably, the amount of protein contained in her beans is huge and nutritious. Therefore, drinking soy milk every day is a way to beautify your hair, making your hair stronger. In particular, for thin and thin hair, soy milk works to help them shine and be more seasoned.

One way to whiten and brighten the skin of Japanese women is to apply soy milk to darker skin areas, then massage the skin within 15 minutes, then wash with warm water. This method helps provide moisture and brightens the skin quickly. In soybeans contain a large amount of estrogen, they have a great effect in stimulating the growth of the chest.

To treat melasma, you only need to supplement isoflavone daily. Melasma appears due to female hormonal disorders will fade and then disappear completely. This is one of the most reliable methods of treating melasma in many countries in the world because it is safe and effective.

In addition to treating melasma, freckles, isoflavones also help to beautify the skin and reduce wrinkles in middle-aged women. Middle-aged women only need to use 50 mg of isoflavones in soy sprouts has been an initial success in treating melasma at home.