Women & Wine: sophistication, glamor & beauty

Women have many similarities with wine. Both were hailed as “gifts of God” and made men fall in love. Nearly 80% of the men surveyed said that a woman in a soft silk dress holding a glass of wine was an attractive image sexiest.

Women are always considered enchanting unknown, both sweet and unpredictable. Interesting that wine also possesses a multitude of flavors and personalities that make it always considered to have many similarities with women. Through choosing and enjoying wine, the woman also reveals many personality traits as well as how to enjoy life.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho phụ nữ và rượu vang

Enjoying wine is also a way for women to assert a strong, sophisticated spirit, master the situations and “equality” in pleasure that was once considered a man’s privilege.

Besides, the moments for myself with a glass of aroma is a relaxing moment for any woman. Sipping a glass of wine is also a way to slow down the hustle and bustle of life; Stress relief and emotional relief effective for women in modern life.

The women who drink red wine in moderation still keep slim and young body thanks to the natural organic substances in this drink which helps lower blood fat, boost metabolism, slow down the aging process of cells.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

According to Reuters Health, a 13-year study of the US with 20,000 women showed that people who drink wine in moderation every day reduce the risk of obesity by 70% compared to those who do not care about this “gift of god”. In addition, sipping a glass of wine has the same effect as when you go to the gym for an hour.

Not only beauty on the outside, wine also helps women have a breath of breath, charm and a sharper memory. Women who drink red wine also have a stronger desire for sex because it helps to circulate the blood of the active ingredients in grapes and it is that desire that attracts irresistibly attractive to men.

What is the effect of yogurt on beauty?

Yogurt is a kind of food, delicious drinks with many nutrients for good health. It is said that if you eat 2 cups of yogurt daily, you will have a healthy body and skin be effectively nourished. Because of that, they apply the beauty of yogurt without sugar to care for the best standard and the skin is not defective. So how does to use it on beauty? Let’s find out right here.

Yogurt is made from yeast which has many nutrients so necessary for cell growth as well as excellent care and appearance. In yogurt, there are lots of vitamin C, B vitamins, minerals such as calcium, zinc, lactic acid… It avoids dermatitis, antibacterial, restores skin cells with acne, bruises, bright white skin, tighten pores effectively. Besides, yogurt is also known because of its ability to take care of beautiful body shape, eliminating excess fat effectively in the body.Yogurt has the ability to whiten, to moisturize and to help to skin the smooth.
So you just apply yogurt without sugar to the face, massage gently and wait about 20 minutes. Then, you wash your face with cool water. In addition, yogurt is combined with other fruits to increase the effectiveness as well as to make the skin to become the most beautiful natural quickly.

There is no fat matter in yogurt. It is a natural source of protein with relatively low calorie energy. So it is a great product to lose weight. Therefore, the body will be no longer want to eat and enhance the metabolism. You can eat cucumber with yogurt daily to improve your overall health. If you use it every day persistently, you will have a much slimmer body after a short time.
If you use yogurt to lose weight, you should not use too much while you are hungry because it will cause the body to fatigue and to affect the digestive system. You should eat yogurt before eating, so limit the intake of greasy foods, starch to go the best weight results.