Why the Shape of Your Face Matters in Selecting the Perfect Hairstyle

There are several hairstyles to complement each and every face shape, while some are less flattering and hardly perfect. The key to finding the perfect style is finding any style that could create the illusion that your face shape is oval. Many styles can be used to make a long face look slightly rounder, soften a square jaw, or give a round face a more oval shape, then there are also haircuts that can make double chins a lot less noticeable. Although the shape of your face remains a consideration while you choose a new style and your body type, lifestyle and personality also play a major part.

Face Shapes

Faces are categorised via six different shapes. These include long, oval, heart-shaped, square, round, and diamond shaped. If you look in the mirror and identify that your face shape is round, heart-shaped, round or square, you’ll have to plan more carefully when it comes to style and colour. Women with diamond-shaped or oval-shaped faces are the lucky ones as they look exceptional in any style.

Highlight the Best Features

According to professional hair specialists there are quite a few styling options that enhance specific features, and by highlighting the right attributes you can enjoy the look you want and desire:

Draw Attention to Your Eyes

Stylist believes that drawing attention to the eyes and cheekbones compliments heart-shaped faces the most. This is possible via a hairstyle offering volume or bangs along the sides.

Bangs Are Great

In general, it is believed that a long face looks even longer should the individual also have a long hairstyle. Longer faces appear at their best with shorter hairstyles or a style with plenty of volume, while this is one face shape that looks great with bangs.

Every Style Flatters an Oval Face Shape

If you have an oval face shape, chances are that every hairstyle, long, short, or with volume will flatter your face. Finding a great style mostly depends on personal preference and the latest trends.

Keep Your Length Below Your Chin

If you have a round face shape, any hairstyle that offers a length below your chin is the better option. Wavy or curly hair or going to short add even more width to the area around your cheeks, while short styles with volume on the top are best to elongate your face.

Choppy Ends Are A Brilliant Choice

If your face is square shaped, the best option is to play down the angular jaw area, choppy ends or curls does a brilliant job. Most importantly, no matter the shape of your face, every woman should go with a style that makes her feel good, a colour she loves and if it’s a difficult decision then keep to a length known as the perfect haircut, this cut falls between the shoulders and the chin and looks great straight, curled, wavy or blow-dried.

This Is When You Need A New Hair Do

I might be time for a new you and nothing does new look, new feel, new confidence quite like a new hairstyle. Whether you’ve have kept the same colour, length of style for long or just a few months, maybe, it is time to update your current hairdo, and here are several clues to could help you make this important decision.

Change Style

If you’ve have kept the same style for such a long period that it is actually coming back into style, you need a change. If you one who pulls your hair back or tie it up more often, well your hairdo is begging for a change, and if you find styling it becomes depressing, you know what? Call your hairdresser. If the only words you find fit to describe your colour is dull, mousy or lifeless and you never receive compliments on your current hairdo, do yourself a favour and get a new style and colour. If you find yourself regularly fretting over other people’s hairstyles, colour or how healthy their hair looks, get yours to the same condition, and if your self-esteem is in urgent need of a reconfig, it could all start with a stylish new hairdo.

When you’ve experienced an exciting or major life change, like losing tons of weight, starting a new job, just got that major promotion or reach any other goal, get the look that goes with the new you, invest in a brand-new hairdo. Maybe, you’ve just gone through a difficult or challenging time, and you finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, a great way to celebrate is by meeting up with your hairstylist and getting that new look you so deserve.

Hair Stylist That Understands You, Your Hair & Gained Your Trust

Once you’ve decided on getting that new update, it is important to get the hairdo you desire from a hairstylist you trust, if you need to change hair stylists in order to get a modern style, it is best to ask around or read a few reviews. Another way is to stop a stranger that has the look you wish for and to ask who her hairstylist is.

Find the Look You Desire

Even before you make that important appointment, do find the look you desire, the colour and the style. A new look is a major change in most cases, and in hairstyles, it could be changing from long hair to short, and the colour change could be from light to dark or dark to light. There are so many different looks to consider or you could you add a bit of red, do foils or just add a few highlights. By giving the hairstylist an idea of what you desire goes a long way, most professional hairdressers would advise if the look will suit you, how easy it is to maintain and give you tips as they style your hair on how to keep it in perfect shape.