Best Natural Nail Care Tips

We use our hands for just about everything we do, whether you’re working, cooking dinner or enjoying some time on a hobby, our hands are always busy. Of course, this means our nails get in the way at times, causing them to pick up dirt, get scratches and even chip. So, how could you possibly still do all your favourite things and keep your nails in good shape?

Well, of course, you could spend some time to get them looking their best again, or you can even visit the salon and have professionals give you the best possible treatment. While both those options are great, you can also try some of these natural methods to keep your nails in the best possible shape, making the other two options so much easier while also keeping your nails naturally beautiful and healthy.

Know how Nail Filing Should be Done

One of the worst things you can do to your nails is bite them, it not only looks bad, but it damages the bed of the nails, leaving long-lasting negative effects. Instead, try to keep a file nearby at all times, in your pocket, handbag or wherever it’s easily reached and convenient.

When filing, only go in 1 direction and never go back and forth as most people do. This ensures the best possible results when it comes to the finishing look and ensures the nails are a lot stronger. Furthermore, filing in 1 direction also decreases the chances of your nails chipping or splitting as it puts a lot less stress on the nail itself.

Keep your Nails Moisturized

One of the most important parts of looking after your nails is ensuring they stay moist and well looked after. As some of you may know, dry nails chips and crack much easier, leaving hangnails that could lead to painful rips and even spot infections.

Luckily, it’s easy to keep your nails moisturised and ensure the risk of damaging nails are reduced as much as possible. When applying cream to your hands, ensures thick layers are applied to the nails itself. If your nails are very dry, try to massage in the cream for a couple of minutes and apply it daily.

Avoid Chemical Nail Cleaners

We all want the best-looking nails and always find interesting ways to decorate them, but this also means we need to use strong chemicals to clean the nails, which could lead to harming them more than anything else. Most removers contain acetone, which is effective to clean the nails, but overuse could lead to drying out the nails, leading the splits, chips and cracks.

Alternative non-acetone cleaners are available, but if you prefer the effectiveness of the harmful remover, be sure to moisturise your nails after cleaning. It’s recommended to clean the nails, moisturise and only apply nail polish the day after. If you’re visiting a salon, you can remove old nail polish and moisturise your nails the day before for the best results.