Beautiful skin color crowned in 2019

2019 is the year when the colorful beauty queens are crowned. Both Miss World and Miss Universe are colored people. Miss World 2019 belongs to the beautiful Jamaican Toni-Ann Singh.

This is the 4th time in history, a beautiful Jamaican crowned king in the Miss World arena. Toni-Ann Singh is currently recording the song “I have nothing” by black pop queen Whitney Houston. She takes that to raise charity “Beauty with a purpose” worldwide.

The new Miss Universe Tunzi was invited by the Queen of color television Oprah Winfrey to visit the women’s leadership academy that she founded. Because the answer of Tunzi’s leadership role for young women before his coronation was impressed.

This year, for the first time in history, beauty pageants such as Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss America and Miss Teen America all belonged to people of color.

The first black beauty ever crowned at Miss World was Jennifer Hosten of South Africa in 1970. And Miss Universe first in the world was Janelle Commissiong crowned in 1977.

The reigning Miss South Africa Tamaryn Green has just revealed she has spent her days battling tuberculosis and has filmed. Now she has returned to school. Here she became a messenger of tuberculosis prevention.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Sắc đẹp da màu lên ngôi

During this time, she had to temporarily stop studying for treatment. After this illness, she immediately returned to the classroom for fear of not being able to follow the class.

But then she got sick again, this time she had to fight hepatitis and was forced to ask briefly. Fortunately, in December 2015, she was cured of illness and returned to the path of study.

Before falling seriously ill, Ms. Green applied for Miss South Africa. However, her health condition forced her to withdraw. Three years later, she continued to apply again, and this time history called Green.

The secret to becoming a golfer has the most impressive style on the field

The prominent golfers in the golf sport are often the faces representing many golf fashion brands. They always need to ensure their beautiful and well-groomed image when appearing on the golf course as well as in public.

Therefore, learning the fashion styles of these famous golfers is an absolutely bright and simple thing for you to form a stable style for yourself.

If you are a fan of the classic look on the pitch, do not miss the Arnold Plamer outfit. This Golfer has a fairly simple, strong and fashionable fashion style that is extremely luxurious and trendy.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

If you are a fan of the sophistication and sophistication of modern golf apparel, then Adam Scott is a golfer you should be aware of.

Scott is considered one of the most impressive golf clubs in the market today. He always knows how to refresh himself by regularly updating the latest designs of fashion brands.

Or you are someone who always wants to be the focus of attention when appearing, choose a style similar to Billy Horschel. This golfer always makes others unable to take their eyes off because of the pants with many motifs and their colorful colors.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho thời trang golf

The first, if you want the clothes you wear to be coherent and logical, then from accessories to clothing, you have to choose the same style. You cannot wear a modern outfit but wear a pair of classic shoes that do not fit.

The second, create accents, not turn your whole outfit into a highlight. It would be extremely ridiculous if you combine a checkerboard shirt with a colorful pants with countless motifs.

Instead of that, you can use a monochromatic pair of pants, or keep the floral pants and combine it with a simple T-shirt or shirt with elegant colors. Another small tip is that you should choose a belt of the same color as your pants or shirt so you don’t feel like your friend is being divided into 3 separate parts.

Which perfume bottles for summer you should choose

The summer is hot, so choosing fragrances with a light and refreshing scent will be the first choice to help you feel more comfortable and confident.

Here are the perfume bottles suitable for summer weather.

Miu Miu Twist Eau de Parfum

The perfume bottle has fruity scents and fresh flowers but is not too sweet. Its ingredients include bergamot, amber and tonka bean.

Bloom Gocce di Fiori Eau de Toilette

Jasmine and tuberose are the stars in Gucci Bloom’s newest ingredient. Its fragrance is gentle on the skin. Therefore, perfume bottles are the first choice for those who do not like the scent too passionately.

Chloe Nomade Eau de Toilette

If you’re dressed in Bohemian style, this warm and sunny scent is for you.

Un Jardin sur la Lagune

Wood scent is more of a perfume bottle than a sweet floral scent, this new fragrance from Hermes is inspired by a dream and a secret garden.

 Flowerbomb Midnight

This is a perfume bottle for summer dating. Black currants, jasmine blossoms in the night, and musk are the main components of sexy perfume bottles.

Mon Guerlain Eau de Toilette Bloom of Rose

The new version of the Mon Guerlain perfume bottle not only has vanilla, jasmine, lavender, but also has rose and neroli.

Moschino Toy 2

With a cute appearance, it doesn’t really matter how the fragrance smells. However, the composition of the perfume bottle with floral, orange, tangerine and green apple fragrance will give you a cool feeling.

Candy Night Eau de Parfum

The versions of Prada Candy always make us fascinated but with the Candy Night perfume bottle, the scent is not only sweet, feminine but also full of charm, perfume bottle is the perfect choice for summer nights.

Tiffany Sheer Eau de Toilette

The design of the perfume bottle is like a pair of delicate and luxurious diamond earrings. The perfume bottle is perfect for those who want to keep a light and cool scent.

What is beautiful eyes? The standard beauty of women in the world

Are your eyes praised by many people for being up to standard or not? Do not skip the article below, because it will bring you lots of new information you probably never thought of.

It’s hard to set an absolute standard when it comes to every beauty. Considering the eyes, what is beautiful eyes should be seen through many angles.

The beautiful eyes not only in terms of lines, but also in accordance with the total face. That is why the anthropologist has studied the proportions, millimeters by which a person’s face, eyes, nose, mouth, chin …

Beautiful eyes must bring the owner a different charisma. What is beautiful eyes will be explained by emotions, when you sad, happy .. flexible your eyes change with emotion. In particular, the eyes should be facing upwards, so that the eyes are not drooping down, bringing a sad mood.

To own a beautiful eyes, you can intervene with plastic surgery. However, to have a bright eyes is not easy at all. You need to know how to take care of your eyes, have a reasonable diet and diet to keep your eyes sharp. All eyes conditions are related to your lifestyle.

Up to now, double eyelids has always been considered the beauty standard. This is not a coincidence. It is actually the desire to improve of the ethnic group whose physical structure is single eyelid. That’s why cosmetic technology is booming in Korea, where 80 percent of the population has single eyelids and wants to change.

Coming to Paris, the women here always encourage the bare face when going out, they are not too fussy or elaborate. Although Paris is considered the capital of the fashion world. This may seem a little arrogant, but it is true. Completely different from the US, movie stars often carefully makeup to be hunted.

Artist VioLette said: “We want to live with ourselves, feel more comfortable than constantly innovating”.

Happy woman is the most beautiful woman

When you are happy, your inner beauty will naturally appear on your face. Someone once said that the more beautiful a woman is, the more deeply she will feel inferior to her appearance. Because they are beautiful, the more they prefer to look at themselves in the mirror and then discover for themselves the imperfections on their bodies and focus on it forever.

Too many women have to suffer painfully and hardships in their beauty work, they spend on makeup and cosmetics without knowing that the best way to become beautiful is just in the word: happiness!

Kết quả hình ảnh cho phụ nữ hạnh phúc

Happy women are those who love themselves. They do not need to wear lipstick, elaborate chalk points to cover defects on the face. Sincere friends encourage each other through difficulties, overcome shopping, traveling, give sincere advice and give each other joy.

They are satisfied with everything in their lives, not angry when others succeed, not gloating when others fail. For them, their life was peaceful, comfortable. So they will not frown, not grimace, they will be radiant enough to be beautiful in the most tolerant mood.

A happy woman is one who thinks things are simple. They do not make things complicated, not imagined, not speculated, they see everything from an optimistic perspective.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

The woman is suffering a lot, her face will be emaciated, her complexion is pale and melancholy, so her wrinkles will soon be on her face. Happy women don’t take time to resent, be sad, cry, they make time for themselves, for the joys to make themselves comfortable.

To be a happy person, not by beauty or the money in your pocket, is not measured by the success and love of the man beside you. A happy woman is simply a person who loves herself, is in control of life and is always confident and optimistic.

Fashion items should not be greedy despite the deep discount

End of the year is a time when many fashion brands simultaneously discount. Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday or Thanksgiving can be an opportunity for believers to buy their favorite item at bargain prices, but it can also be a spectacular trick, causing consumers to throw money through the window without knowing it.

If you claim to be a smart fashion follower, there are some items you should not be greedy to buy, regardless of how deep the discount is:

1. Clothes for next year

Fashion trends always change day by day. You can hardly predict what is the fashion of today whether there is still a favorite tomorrow. So buying clothes and accessories in advance for next year has never been the right thing to do. Except for really basic items, can be worn from year to year like monochrome t-shirts, minimalist sweaters, classic blazers, etc., don’t waste money on items you never know when to use.

2. Apparel, shoes are out of your size

Sale items often don’t have enough sizes, but everyone knows this. But because of too much discount, many people still close their eyes to buy a costume or shoes of their size that are not too small or too small to think. With clothing, this is okay, but with shoes, never buy shoes that don’t fit, they just make you waste money or hurt your feet, but often both.

3. Item is not the style you still wear

Trying out new fashion items is a must to promote your style. But each experiment requires careful research and selection, different from buying haphazardly items that have never been worn in the sale. Whether a gorgeous dress, how beautiful, but if it is too late, sexy, not suitable for your usual style, even with a 90% reduction, it should still be considered carefully.

4. Stylish jewelry, accessories

The more they are picky, stylish items, the shorter their lifespan. With accessories or jewelry, you should limit the purchase too much in the sale. They are not really necessary, even become superfluous, because the way of dressing with too many accessories has never been praised. The more minimalist in terms of accessories, jewelry, the more luxurious you look, the less outdated.

Những món đồ thời trang không nên tham dù giảm giá sâu - 4

5. The items you have

If you already own five pieces of shirts, dozens of white T-shirts or some pairs of jeans, you don’t need to buy more, even though you know they will wear a lot and are on sale. In fact, such basic items are not too difficult to find, you can buy them when really needed instead of making your closet more cramped.

Beauty 5 outstanding candidates at Miss International Beauty 2020

The bright faces continue to confirm the Miss Charm International 2020 contest will be held in Vietnam.

1. Anna Baksheeva

Beauty is not far away from the world competitions when she won the Crasa Of Russia 2019 contest and was awarded the Runner-up title of “Beauty of the Transbaikalia” and Runner-up “Miss High School Girl”.

2. Ana Lucia Tejeira Healy

Ana Lucia Tejeira Healy is the reigning runner-up for Miss Senorita 2019, a contest to find Panama representatives to attend Miss Universe. She is 1.70m tall, 25 years old this year. Ana is a Bachelor of Interior Design. She dreams of becoming a lecturer at interior architecture universities. She wants to dedicate a part of her life to calling everyone’s attention to nature and the importance of ecological balance to achieve a better living environment.

Ana has been a vegetarian for 3 years now. At the same time she is a true boxer when pursuing this subject for 8 years. Ana said it was her life experiences that taught her to look at things positively and never give up.

3. Ana Livieres

Ana Iris Ortiz Livieres is an environmental activist and a spokesman for human rights. She works for Look1Models (Argentine) and is the manager of a modeling agency. Ana Livieres became a new Miss in the “Queen Asuncion Universo” contest (organized by MGM produced in February 2018).

4. Romina Lozano

Lozano has become Miss Peru 2018, and attended the Miss Universe 2018. Lozano was born into a family in San Martin, the forested area of ​​Peroe. She graduated in commercial aviation and another degree in nutrition science. She used to participate in Elite Model Look Peru 2016.

With the responsibility of Miss Peru, Lozano traveled throughout Peru, inspiring all women to stand up and speak out against violence. Lozano wishes to compete in an international beauty contest to bring the crown to his country.

5. Anne Dalum

Anne Dalum is currently a student and a designer, makeup artist and nutritionist. Her hobbies are improving her personality, beauty, exercising, cooking, reading and traveling.

Fashion and body liberate people

It is impossible to design without understanding what the design focus is, who the creative mind is. Perhaps in contemporary thinking, the measurement of body tight dresses will not be different from the threat of menacing the delicate curve of women.

Women of this century celebrate freedom and feminism through clothing and the language of makeup. However, when you ever stand in front of a mirror, you wonder if all the media in the village is drawing about a lasting freedom to really liberate your body?

Fashion can liberate the human body? Or on the contrary, it is the human body that really breaks the chains that inhibit the creation of fashion?

In 2017, fashion forums simultaneously posted images of black models with the strange name Shadu Gram. Whether the new face has never strayed on any fashion floor, or originated from any family tree, the popularity of Shadu Gram is completely equal to the famous names of the current fashion village. Gigi Hadid or Cara Delegvinge.

More than 116,000 followers on Instagram, along with appearing on top news sites, makes the public curious and eager to see the real black Shadu Gram. But, amid all the expectations of the fad, Shadu authentication information is only a fictional character, designed by graphic software.

After the success of the black member, Instagram social network continued to make noise about the singer with a different fashion style called Miquela Sousa. The innocuous questions about making the public hotter than the Shadu Gram girl, when Miquela’s personal page regularly updated her own images appeared alongside the en vogue celebrities.

Even this surreal character also owns the extremely successful single “Not Mine” and makes it to the Spotify charts. Although the existence of the Miquela Sousa girl is not verified by anyone, many people still speculate that this beauty is also a creature created by digital.

What is Swarovski crystal? what makes women hunt for Swarovski jewelry

In 1883 of the 18th century, a gentleman named Daniel Swarovski visited the international electrical equipment exhibition held in the Austrian capital Vienna. Here, he had the opportunity to see firsthand the electrical equipment invented by Thomas Edison – America’s most famous scientist at the time.

He quickly realized the great potential as well as the importance of scientific technology in jewelry making. After rigorous evaluations and calculations, in 1892 Daniel decided to apply for an exclusive patent for his first invention, the automatic crystal cutter with the highest level of precision. What kind of machine is available at the present time.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Swarovski

Compared to having to cut crystals by hand, Daniel’s machine is considered a revolution in the gem industry when it comes to producing high-quality crystals that are cut precisely and finely. minimet. Three years later, Daniel started to build a factory in Wattens (Austria) specializing in producing sparkling crystals, which was the forerunner of the then famous global gemstone manufacturing and processing company, Swarovski.

The name Swarovski is named after its founder, Daniel Swarovski. Over a century of formation and development, now Swarovski is known not only for its famous beautiful crystals but also for its presence in all areas such as accessories, jewelry and fashion.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Swarovski

Swarovski Crystal is a Swarovski crystal product manufactured with a blend of raw materials, additional metal components and proprietary cutting technology. Swarovski crystal production technology has been registered and is the company’s top secret. Hardness is about 8 – 8.5 on the Mohs scale. The section is mainly triangular and hexagonal, so when placed next to each other will optimize dispersion.

According to some leading experts in gemstone research, a Swarovski crystal has a lead rate of up to 32%, while that of a normal crystal is about 6-10%. This helps the crystal beads to achieve diamond-like transparency and brightness, thereby optimizing the light’s ability to refract light, the more shiny it is used.

Women & Wine: sophistication, glamor & beauty

Women have many similarities with wine. Both were hailed as “gifts of God” and made men fall in love. Nearly 80% of the men surveyed said that a woman in a soft silk dress holding a glass of wine was an attractive image sexiest.

Women are always considered enchanting unknown, both sweet and unpredictable. Interesting that wine also possesses a multitude of flavors and personalities that make it always considered to have many similarities with women. Through choosing and enjoying wine, the woman also reveals many personality traits as well as how to enjoy life.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho phụ nữ và rượu vang

Enjoying wine is also a way for women to assert a strong, sophisticated spirit, master the situations and “equality” in pleasure that was once considered a man’s privilege.

Besides, the moments for myself with a glass of aroma is a relaxing moment for any woman. Sipping a glass of wine is also a way to slow down the hustle and bustle of life; Stress relief and emotional relief effective for women in modern life.

The women who drink red wine in moderation still keep slim and young body thanks to the natural organic substances in this drink which helps lower blood fat, boost metabolism, slow down the aging process of cells.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

According to Reuters Health, a 13-year study of the US with 20,000 women showed that people who drink wine in moderation every day reduce the risk of obesity by 70% compared to those who do not care about this “gift of god”. In addition, sipping a glass of wine has the same effect as when you go to the gym for an hour.

Not only beauty on the outside, wine also helps women have a breath of breath, charm and a sharper memory. Women who drink red wine also have a stronger desire for sex because it helps to circulate the blood of the active ingredients in grapes and it is that desire that attracts irresistibly attractive to men.