Secret body fat 12% of hot gymer Malaysia

Cathryn Li has turned 31 but still young, especially impressive physique.

Cathryn Li is a Malaysian multi-talented model, actress, pianist and ballet dancer. Not only that, the beauty born in 1989 also received a lot of attention from the public when she had a statue-like physique.

Not surprisingly, Cathryn Li has a good-looking appearance with a delicate face, high nose bridge because her mother participated and won the prize at a beauty contest in Malaysia. In addition, she has a height of 1m70 and a slender figure admirable.

However, a while ago she was criticized for having a “body shaming” statement. Specifically, on the Story section on Instagram, she wrote that people who are wearing S-size clothes should stop eating and going to the gym because they are overweight. Her reason is that in Asia, S size is equivalent to size M, size M is size L and she must try to reduce to size XS or XXS while asserting that she is at the standard level of XXS.

Her share has sparked controversy, some say, she has no right to judge if someone is overweight or even sarcastic because she thinks she has millions of followers so all will have to listen. word. Others wrote that many girls had health problems and even died from dieting due to the unrealistic beauty standards, but Cathryn Li cheered for that model.

Shortly thereafter, Cathryn Li explained the standard of this physique to people who wanted to model and she quickly removed the story after realizing the problem and admitting this was a serious mistake. She herself was also a victim of body shaming, and then she decided to pursue the standard skinny model even though she knew how harsh this beauty standard was.

She apologized after speaking out to evaluate the appearance of others.

Cathryn Li started practicing sports in 2007. Every day she started by jogging then going to the gym. Cathryn Li’s exercises focused mostly on weight training as well as squats. Although she loves fitness, Cathryn Li is not a muscular type but still possesses feminine curves.

Despite being tall, Cathryn Li weighs about 45 kg, body is only 12% fat. She shared, as long as you persevere and do not care how tired training you will get results. Besides, do not think that the purpose of going to the gym is to lose weight but it is important to find balance and want to be more beautiful.

Cathryn Li suggested that people should start training slowly then increase intensity, hard and heavy repercussions in the first place. She believes that not every exercise is every part will be beautiful, but you should combine the whole body and each part depending on the change of physique. In addition, Cathryn Li is a ballet dancer so she interleaved dance practice to burn energy. In addition, beautiful people also practice more aerobic.

In addition to exercise, Cathryn Li also controlled eating, she will limit carbohydrates to as much as possible, instead eat less fat vegetables and meat. In addition, the desserts she should not touch and emphasize the complete removal of sugar is extremely important. Cathryn Li will cook for herself at home and mainly cook boiled dishes to keep the most nutrients as well as limit the grease. One day, she consumes more than 1000 calories.