Happy woman is the most beautiful woman

When you are happy, your inner beauty will naturally appear on your face. Someone once said that the more beautiful a woman is, the more deeply she will feel inferior to her appearance. Because they are beautiful, the more they prefer to look at themselves in the mirror and then discover for themselves the imperfections on their bodies and focus on it forever.

Too many women have to suffer painfully and hardships in their beauty work, they spend on makeup and cosmetics without knowing that the best way to become beautiful is just in the word: happiness!

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Happy women are those who love themselves. They do not need to wear lipstick, elaborate chalk points to cover defects on the face. Sincere friends encourage each other through difficulties, overcome shopping, traveling, give sincere advice and give each other joy.

They are satisfied with everything in their lives, not angry when others succeed, not gloating when others fail. For them, their life was peaceful, comfortable. So they will not frown, not grimace, they will be radiant enough to be beautiful in the most tolerant mood.

A happy woman is one who thinks things are simple. They do not make things complicated, not imagined, not speculated, they see everything from an optimistic perspective.

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The woman is suffering a lot, her face will be emaciated, her complexion is pale and melancholy, so her wrinkles will soon be on her face. Happy women don’t take time to resent, be sad, cry, they make time for themselves, for the joys to make themselves comfortable.

To be a happy person, not by beauty or the money in your pocket, is not measured by the success and love of the man beside you. A happy woman is simply a person who loves herself, is in control of life and is always confident and optimistic.

Sexy beauty of women in the eyes of men in the world

American men rated women as tall, plump, blond, blue-eyed or brown-haired with beautiful brown eyes. They are not too strict about the color of the skin, though white or tanned has its own beauty.

Chinese men like slender women or have neat, soft, smooth white skin, small face and pointed chin, big eyes. Fan Bingbing is one of the most beautiful people who possesses the Chinese brand identity.

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Share on Quora, Nat – a man from China said: “The better you are, the better you can judge through the A4 challenge.”

The A4 challenge is a challenging new beauty standard in China and some Asian countries a few months ago. You will compare the waist width with A4 paper.

The Egyptians rated women with a solid physique, bustling breasts are the most beautiful and charming. In Bulgaria, men tend to appreciate women with tall stature, toned bodies and full loops.

The Philippines is a great power of beauty in the world. So what is the special beauty standard of women in this country? According to the nation’s beard, women with good stature, even small, are beautiful if there is a good proportion of hips and buttocks. The perfect first round should be F-size.

Alec – a netizen from the UK shared that a man of this country likes women with moderately stature, not too skinny but should not be fat, big but not too big to “surpass”, his body is toned. . Ideal height is about 1m70.

In Bangladesh, a woman is considered beautiful when they are over 1m57 tall, black hair, dark eyes and thick, thick eyebrows.

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According to a man of this country, besides the physical beauty, Bangladeshi beard also assesses the woman through the beauty of the soul like the elegant and elegant lifestyle ….

French women are famous for their elegance. An ideal girl in the eyes of French men is a blend of fashion models with a friendly house girl.

In addition, this water beard also loves women with style, substance … such as a Tom boy girl. In particular, they would love to see women having a mini-ring rather than girls with oversized breasts.

why women need to be beautiful

There are many women who don’t take care of their beauty. However, the fact that appearance is always the first impression for the opposite. Whether you are dating a man, or you are interviewing at a certain company, taking care of a perfect appearance always impresses others. Not only that, beauty looks in modern life is the key to success in career for women.

This is undoubtedly disappointing for women who have traditional conceptions, respect the beauty of the soul, but it’s always true in real life. The fact that a man is so enamored of the beauty of a girl is not simply a hobby, but a law of creation. The biological nature of the man the creator gave is the ability to propagate.

They are always fascinated by a woman with good looks. Because in the subconscious of men, a beautiful woman will give birth to beautiful, intelligent children. It is because of this biological nature that sometimes men do not distinguish between natural beauty and artificial beauty. As long as they feel a sexy, beautiful woman, they will be easily attracted.

When women understand this problem, accept the natural truth of creation, always take care of yourself and take care of your beauty so that your man is always in love with you. Whether women of any age, circumstances, will have their own beauty. Just take care of it a little, your man will always be by your side.

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Be honest with yourself, you really want to be beautiful to confidently meet anyone and appeal to them at first sight, or you want to be clumsy, sloppy to expect others to see beauty soul inside you? No matter how you answer, you’re right.

However, you need to accept the obvious fact that beautiful people are more confident than non-beauties. Especially for women, it is even more true than many times. Because women themselves represent women. The beauty of women not only makes themselves more confident, but also affects the psychology of the man next door.

Mysterious beauty of the most beautiful women in history

The most beautiful women in history who are not born possess a radiant beauty. They must follow the principles of nutrition, paging or have their own secrets, sometimes by unexpected substances.

Elizabeth Queen

The most beautiful woman in the world in the 19th century was Austria’s Queen Elisabeth. She is famous throughout Europe for her perfect skin and chestnut-thick hair, hen she spreads to heels. Every day she spends 3 hours to brush and curl her hair. To keep her skin beautiful, she pressed the strawberry juice and rubbed it on her hands, face, and neck. She bathed in warm olive oil, while sleeping with a mask. The mask was inside the raw meat.

Her favorite meal is extracted from chicken, venison, and beef. Queen Elisabeth often wrapped herself in a bra that was so tight that her waist only measured 49.5cm.

Cleopatra Queen

The queen of Cleopatra of Egypt shook the hearts of powerful men and women at that time. Perhaps thanks to the charm, the charm, but also because of the scent of … feces and insect intestines, ingredients in cosmetics that she uses.

Cleopatra certainly adopted the beauty method of her time, whereby women often rub their lips with a lipstick made from crushed beetle gut and rub the crocodile into a powder under the eyes.

But Cleopatra is a queen, so she has the most luxurious beauty secrets, in which she is bathed in fermented donkey milk. Every day, the servants had to express milk from 700 donkeys, fill the bathtub and Cleopatra was just deep in it.

This milk is thought to work to reduce wrinkles and appear to be effective. Current cosmetic experts believe that fermented lactose will turn into lactic acis, helping the surface skin on the female body peel off, revealing the soft skin underneath.

The advantage of women’s beauty

From the perspective of scientists, what research and conclusions do they have about beauty?

In a study by scientists in Australia, the fact that a person has a perfectly balanced face can be seen as a sign of better health than usual. Individuals with an incomplete face are considered not to be in good health.

Although the link between facial fullness and health has not been widely verified, there is evidence that people with a face with many defects will be susceptible to infection, especially infectious disease.

They conducted research on young men and women at the age of 17 in the United States, scientists found that the anomalous characteristics that make the asymmetrical face related to the disorder of the infection chromosomes. Therefore, researchers believe that a face has many advantages, the person possesses good genes and has better health.

This study was surveyed by scientists on adolescents. They measured intelligence with IQ tests and appearance seduction of investigated subjects.

The results show that both intelligence and appearance charm are correlated with gender. On average, men are smarter than women and women have sexier looks than men. So it is important to consider what is the relationship between appearance charm and what looks like intelligence in each gender.

And the results show that women are smarter than women who do not seduce about 6 IQ points, similarly, men look 8 times smarter than men. Therefore, scientists assert, there is a clear connection between the charm of appearance and intelligence. The more beautiful they are, the more intelligent they are.

People with good looks often use their sexual appeal to attract attention and gain an edge like in a job interview. No one denies that face is an important factor for career success. People will admire if you work seriously, professionally, friendly and fashionable. But if you only take care of your appearance and work seriously, you’re still underestimated.

At any time, women must be beautiful

Women who do not know how to make beauty for themselves are a great. Women who are not beautiful have been a great disadvantage. But women who do not know how to beautify themselves are an extremely sinful thing.

Being born as a woman, she is rich in beauty or not, she must know how to beautify and paint for herself. It is not good, it is not stylish, then it harms the body then, do not let it fall to fate, do not complain to yourself that you are not happy like people.

A girl, when she was growing up, had a certain man pursuing, they started to know how to make good, beautiful things. Because they know they are big and need an external relationship. And any woman, no matter how you say it, is still what makes people notice first.

You don’t take beauty, you are not exuberant, but you have the choice, one of girls around him. A beautiful girl walks beside a bad girl, surely the bad girl only makes a beautiful girl’s background.

A beautiful women are always favored, will be loved. Even when you go to work, you apply for a job, you have to choose a beautiful outfit, carefully brush lipstick. What is the purpose if you don’t want to have an eye-catching appearance and eat with the interviewer?

Although you do not think about people because you are beautiful but recruited, you should understand that this is the default, the beauty will be convinced and there are more opportunities for you.

Places where you need to dress up, show yourself as the most beautiful girl, even knowing that many people are more beautiful than you. But it’s okay, self-confidence is winning yourself. Girls must be gentle, have to know how to makeup. Let consider that beauty as your own responsibility.

What is the effect of yogurt on beauty?

Yogurt is a kind of food, delicious drinks with many nutrients for good health. It is said that if you eat 2 cups of yogurt daily, you will have a healthy body and skin be effectively nourished. Because of that, they apply the beauty of yogurt without sugar to care for the best standard and the skin is not defective. So how does to use it on beauty? Let’s find out right here.

Yogurt is made from yeast which has many nutrients so necessary for cell growth as well as excellent care and appearance. In yogurt, there are lots of vitamin C, B vitamins, minerals such as calcium, zinc, lactic acid… It avoids dermatitis, antibacterial, restores skin cells with acne, bruises, bright white skin, tighten pores effectively. Besides, yogurt is also known because of its ability to take care of beautiful body shape, eliminating excess fat effectively in the body.Yogurt has the ability to whiten, to moisturize and to help to skin the smooth.
So you just apply yogurt without sugar to the face, massage gently and wait about 20 minutes. Then, you wash your face with cool water. In addition, yogurt is combined with other fruits to increase the effectiveness as well as to make the skin to become the most beautiful natural quickly.

There is no fat matter in yogurt. It is a natural source of protein with relatively low calorie energy. So it is a great product to lose weight. Therefore, the body will be no longer want to eat and enhance the metabolism. You can eat cucumber with yogurt daily to improve your overall health. If you use it every day persistently, you will have a much slimmer body after a short time.
If you use yogurt to lose weight, you should not use too much while you are hungry because it will cause the body to fatigue and to affect the digestive system. You should eat yogurt before eating, so limit the intake of greasy foods, starch to go the best weight results.