Fashion and body liberate people

It is impossible to design without understanding what the design focus is, who the creative mind is. Perhaps in contemporary thinking, the measurement of body tight dresses will not be different from the threat of menacing the delicate curve of women.

Women of this century celebrate freedom and feminism through clothing and the language of makeup. However, when you ever stand in front of a mirror, you wonder if all the media in the village is drawing about a lasting freedom to really liberate your body?

Fashion can liberate the human body? Or on the contrary, it is the human body that really breaks the chains that inhibit the creation of fashion?

In 2017, fashion forums simultaneously posted images of black models with the strange name Shadu Gram. Whether the new face has never strayed on any fashion floor, or originated from any family tree, the popularity of Shadu Gram is completely equal to the famous names of the current fashion village. Gigi Hadid or Cara Delegvinge.

More than 116,000 followers on Instagram, along with appearing on top news sites, makes the public curious and eager to see the real black Shadu Gram. But, amid all the expectations of the fad, Shadu authentication information is only a fictional character, designed by graphic software.

After the success of the black member, Instagram social network continued to make noise about the singer with a different fashion style called Miquela Sousa. The innocuous questions about making the public hotter than the Shadu Gram girl, when Miquela’s personal page regularly updated her own images appeared alongside the en vogue celebrities.

Even this surreal character also owns the extremely successful single “Not Mine” and makes it to the Spotify charts. Although the existence of the Miquela Sousa girl is not verified by anyone, many people still speculate that this beauty is also a creature created by digital.