Why men and women put different buttons shirt

The men‘s button is usually designed on the right, and with the woman that is on the left. These rules come from the 19th century.

A standard that has existed for decades is the buttons of men and women are sewn together. This stems is came from the different roles, class divisions, and class in the European aristocracy.

History of men’s buttons shirt

Since ancient times, gender has become the decisive factor in the work of this two sects. Beside men act as hunters, women will be assigned tasks that are lighter that.

From work differentiation, tailors have to think about how to design products that fit the direction of the body. The movement of men’s hunting weapons is usually left to right, so the mandatory button is on the right.

The men’s clothing is usually designed with easy-to-carry weapons. They often use swords, or guns with their right hand, so it is more convenient if the left hand can spare to remove their costumes.

The habit of holding the shield on the left hand throughout the history of thousands of years of war. This makes men to be gradually familiar with the button with the left hand.

History of women’s buttons shirt

In the 19th century, women often had roommates with the task of dressing. Women’s button shirt is designed to the left to facilitate the opposite hand easier. The book “Theory of the Leisure Class” has shown that engraving buttons on the left of women’s shirt is a sign that her family is so rich.

With the mother’s ordinance, they often have to hold the baby on the left hand, the right hand used to perform many other tasks. So, the buttons are designed on the left, helping women easily remove the costume to give their children milk to drink.

In addition, as the ready-to-use apparel industry emerged, which required uniform standards of conduct, tailors decided to make a difference in men’s and women’s apparel. If the men’s button on the right, that of women must been placed on the left.