Learning fashionista how to mix clothes in winter

If you are wondering how to mix warm and luxurious clothes, please refer to the suggestions of fashionista series below. With 1.5 million followers on Instagram, it is not difficult to understand when the simple street style picture of Blair Eadie achieved tens of thousands of likes.

With a rainy day on the street, she chose a trench coat. There are very luxury with leopard print motifs mixed with gold boots, accompanied by a colored umbrella.

On cold days in Korea, a set of clothes blended using a layer formula like Blair Eadie is the most ideal suggestion. With a turtleneck combo, a sleeveless vest and a long evening dress, fashionista has an extremely warm set.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Cheralee Lyle

Jenny Tsang dressed up with neutral colors as the mainstream. Her mix is ​​quite simple when combining a turtleneck sweater with khaki pants and colorful checkered shirts. Of course, it is indispensable to have luxurious leather boots.

Again is a set of super cool hacked items suggested by fashionista Hong Kong. She combined the black tree with the warm cotton lining jacket. To create elegance, this girl used special accessories, such as an impressive texture scarf.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Cheralee Lyle

Alexandra Lapp always pursues a style that is luxurious, trendy but no less liberal. Last week, she walked down the street in tweed cloth coats, jeans, spike heels and large handbags. With a skirt hugging impressive motifs, she chose to wear with black T-shirt and black blazer.

Chriselle Lim becomes an inspiration for fashionista in the world. One set of clothes suggested by this fashionista is to choose the black tone as the main theme when mixing long leather shirts and impressive polka dots boots.

Cheralee Lyle showed off her sexy body with a smooth turtleneck and jeans. Pythons thigh leather boot and bucket bag add style to the look.

Going to the nursery, what do you wear to look like a tourist

When traveling to Europe, getting along with locals or expatriates who are residing here through style is essential. Don’t dress up as if you went to the Oscars but don’t let yourself look as messy as every morning you wake up. The choice of clothing is important because if you dress like a real tourist, your chances of becoming a pickpocket and scammer are quite high.

Knowing what clothes to wear and should not wear will help you choose the right clothes and you look somewhat like a European. Please join us to consult more dress styles from indigenous people.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho thời trang thể thao châu âu

Most Americans share a common style of dress when traveling abroad and the outfit reveals clearly that they are from the United States. Change and stop wearing outfits like baseball caps, sports shirts, tennis shoes and white socks, Levi’s worn jeans, polo shirts, American logos, or backpacks containing important papers and jewelry when Go abroad. Following are suggestions for 10 styles of clothing that are more confident in Europe.

Compared to Americans, Europeans wear the most formal clothes especially during meals and important occasions. Do not appear at dinner with sports pants, short shorts, or T-shirts and especially pajamas because they are not suitable.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

In general, only Americans wear white sports shoes and dismiss this type of dress. Because Europeans like to walk, they often wear comfortable walking shoes suitable for city streets except for flip-flops and sports shoes. Keens, Clarks and Naturalizer are some of the companies specializing in walking shoes that can help you travel long distances without problems.

Although you can easily see the presence of increasing shorts in southern Europe and in young people, in general, long pants are still a great choice and say no to pants. Short shorts especially khaki pants because this is the distinguishing feature of American tourists. If you want, wear them when going to the beach and hiking.

Activewear – Modern sports fashion style

In the fashion industry, nothing is done as a norm and the rule is not necessarily constant. In an age where people are free to choose their clothes and style, it is no surprise that pajamas are worn down the street or gym clothes are worn to work.

Remember in the 1980s, aerobics were extremely popular with Western women, and bandages and tight-fitting t-shirts began to blur fuzzy pants. But at that time, the trend was not widely accepted and was considered to be miserable. Now everything is different. Sportwear (Activewear) is becoming fashionable.

Activewear is not limited to use outside the gym, activewear is also improved in appearance and features to wear like normal clothes. Especially in North America, wearing legging under a dress to go to work, or going out to dinner with a sweater is gradually accepted – even considered luxurious.

Experts believe that the trend of activewear will grow and be popular. Tom Julian, Director of market research firm Doneger Group, asserts that the success of the advertising campaign for denim will be repeated for activewear. This is not a fashion trend, but a new way of life.

Glenn Murphy, CEO of Gap Inc, is optimistic about his Athleta brand. He said Athleta’s costumes are resonating with many features suitable for today’s women’s needs. Athleta’s growth in revenue is admirable. From a rudimentary store built in 2011, Athleta had 65 stores two years later.

Gap Inc is expected to have 35 more stores this year. Gap Inc is not the only company to invest in this prevailing trend. H&M, Uniqlo, Victoria’s Secret and Forever 21 have also started selling fashionable sportswear from the past few years.

Activewear’s potential for development is attracting people who create the world’s leading fashion trends. So don’t be surprised to see a yoga pants cost a few hundred dollars. We call it “Advanced” – Sweaty Betty and Lululemon, the first brands to enlighten the era of level up for activewear.