The secrets that create the charm of French women

French women choose simple makeup and delicate. They usually only focus on making up their eyes or lips, not the two together.

Instead of using a dryer, French women often let their hair dry after shampooing. This has limited the hair to heat exposure, messing up the hair naturally. In addition, French women also love the dry shampoo that without using with water.

They use this type of product to help  their hair or styling it. For example, they apply dry shampoo to the hair. Then they tie their hair into high curls. They waited for a few hours and stretched their hair to have  natural floating curls.

French women limit to use water to wash their face. Tap water can contain fluoride, chlorine … that make the skin to dry, even to allergic and to rash. Therefore, French women often use mineral spray, toner or make-up remover. They use this cosmetics that cleans the skin’s properties rather than using water.

French people value and invest in natural skin care. They keep their skin radiant that’s the most natural instead of having to use all kinds of cosmetics to conceal the defect of skin. Not only caring face skin, they also use many materials such as salt, essential oils, fruits … to beautiful skin whole body.

Paris girls consider makeup not to hide themselves. That  make highlights of the lines on their face. They do not use too many beauty products or makeup at the same time. Instead that, they care for their eyes more sharply with eyeliner or to create a highlight with attractive red lipstick.

French women like as Coco Chanel once said, “Women should spray perfume anywhere they want to be kissed.” They can spray perfume on the neck, hands, hair, even handkerchiefs, pillow cushions so that their bodies also emit a romate scent.