What is beautiful eyes? The standard beauty of women in the world

Are your eyes praised by many people for being up to standard or not? Do not skip the article below, because it will bring you lots of new information you probably never thought of.

It’s hard to set an absolute standard when it comes to every beauty. Considering the eyes, what is beautiful eyes should be seen through many angles.

The beautiful eyes not only in terms of lines, but also in accordance with the total face. That is why the anthropologist has studied the proportions, millimeters by which a person’s face, eyes, nose, mouth, chin …

Beautiful eyes must bring the owner a different charisma. What is beautiful eyes will be explained by emotions, when you sad, happy .. flexible your eyes change with emotion. In particular, the eyes should be facing upwards, so that the eyes are not drooping down, bringing a sad mood.

To own a beautiful eyes, you can intervene with plastic surgery. However, to have a bright eyes is not easy at all. You need to know how to take care of your eyes, have a reasonable diet and diet to keep your eyes sharp. All eyes conditions are related to your lifestyle.

Up to now, double eyelids has always been considered the beauty standard. This is not a coincidence. It is actually the desire to improve of the ethnic group whose physical structure is single eyelid. That’s why cosmetic technology is booming in Korea, where 80 percent of the population has single eyelids and wants to change.

Coming to Paris, the women here always encourage the bare face when going out, they are not too fussy or elaborate. Although Paris is considered the capital of the fashion world. This may seem a little arrogant, but it is true. Completely different from the US, movie stars often carefully makeup to be hunted.

Artist VioLette said: “We want to live with ourselves, feel more comfortable than constantly innovating”.

Happy woman is the most beautiful woman

When you are happy, your inner beauty will naturally appear on your face. Someone once said that the more beautiful a woman is, the more deeply she will feel inferior to her appearance. Because they are beautiful, the more they prefer to look at themselves in the mirror and then discover for themselves the imperfections on their bodies and focus on it forever.

Too many women have to suffer painfully and hardships in their beauty work, they spend on makeup and cosmetics without knowing that the best way to become beautiful is just in the word: happiness!

Kết quả hình ảnh cho phụ nữ hạnh phúc

Happy women are those who love themselves. They do not need to wear lipstick, elaborate chalk points to cover defects on the face. Sincere friends encourage each other through difficulties, overcome shopping, traveling, give sincere advice and give each other joy.

They are satisfied with everything in their lives, not angry when others succeed, not gloating when others fail. For them, their life was peaceful, comfortable. So they will not frown, not grimace, they will be radiant enough to be beautiful in the most tolerant mood.

A happy woman is one who thinks things are simple. They do not make things complicated, not imagined, not speculated, they see everything from an optimistic perspective.

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The woman is suffering a lot, her face will be emaciated, her complexion is pale and melancholy, so her wrinkles will soon be on her face. Happy women don’t take time to resent, be sad, cry, they make time for themselves, for the joys to make themselves comfortable.

To be a happy person, not by beauty or the money in your pocket, is not measured by the success and love of the man beside you. A happy woman is simply a person who loves herself, is in control of life and is always confident and optimistic.

The book revealed the secret of beauty care for Japanese women

Skin dance” is given to any woman who reads it a simple and effective secret that restores and maintains the dreamy skin. Not only for Japanese women, over the years, declining health and especially faded beauty has always been a secret sadness of almost every woman in the world.

The signs of age are most pronounced first in the skin – with the appearance of wrinkles in the corners of the mouth, corners of the eyes, the phenomenon of melasma and freckles, sagging skin or dull skin pigmentation …

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However, the Japanese female dermatologist Okyanmama has stated that, in fact, all signs such as wrinkles, melasma or freckles are not the deciding factor in whether a face is aging. .

The biggest cause of the impression of aging in the face of women is the sagging of the skin surface and the muscles under the skin. And this same woman, the author of the book Dance of the Skin, recently published in the world, created a method of massage and facial muscles training, which is likened to “collective practice.” sex “for the muscle bundles under the skin, bring a clear facial lift effect and rejuvenate the miraculous face after only a short period of hard practice.

As soon as it was launched, Skin Dance was amazing and conquered millions of Japanese women because of the effect that the method brings to their skin. Especially, the massage movements are very easy to follow and perform at home every night, which is remarkably effective over time, without painful surgery, without using expensive skin care products …

Kết quả hình ảnh cho chăm sóc da

Okyanmama herself also had to endure a surprisingly aging aging skin when she was only 38 years old, and always cooked her intention to do facial lift surgery to save the situation. But now, she is 52 years old and still possesses a skin full of vitality like a woman over 30.

Not only writing about the miraculous skin rejuvenating massage, Okyanmama also shared a myriad of good skin care tips that she collected and experienced from her journey of tens of years working in the beauty field. : Nursing skin from inside. Eating helps nourish the core of the skin, Face lift even when sleeping with “secret weapons”, The more simple the skin care cycle, the higher the effect, jojoba oil and secretly tighten the pores hair…

The advantage of women’s beauty

From the perspective of scientists, what research and conclusions do they have about beauty?

In a study by scientists in Australia, the fact that a person has a perfectly balanced face can be seen as a sign of better health than usual. Individuals with an incomplete face are considered not to be in good health.

Although the link between facial fullness and health has not been widely verified, there is evidence that people with a face with many defects will be susceptible to infection, especially infectious disease.

They conducted research on young men and women at the age of 17 in the United States, scientists found that the anomalous characteristics that make the asymmetrical face related to the disorder of the infection chromosomes. Therefore, researchers believe that a face has many advantages, the person possesses good genes and has better health.

This study was surveyed by scientists on adolescents. They measured intelligence with IQ tests and appearance seduction of investigated subjects.

The results show that both intelligence and appearance charm are correlated with gender. On average, men are smarter than women and women have sexier looks than men. So it is important to consider what is the relationship between appearance charm and what looks like intelligence in each gender.

And the results show that women are smarter than women who do not seduce about 6 IQ points, similarly, men look 8 times smarter than men. Therefore, scientists assert, there is a clear connection between the charm of appearance and intelligence. The more beautiful they are, the more intelligent they are.

People with good looks often use their sexual appeal to attract attention and gain an edge like in a job interview. No one denies that face is an important factor for career success. People will admire if you work seriously, professionally, friendly and fashionable. But if you only take care of your appearance and work seriously, you’re still underestimated.