Personality Science – The future of fashion

When Instagram turned fashion into a show sport, and social media influencers really started to catch the attention of the public, the more intense the fashion content got hit be liked.

We suddenly have a need to sift through all these shiny things, turn fashion back into a personal choice and end up stressed out of having to choose too many options.

Dedication implies a desire to perform tasks well, to uphold the rules, and to seriously perform obligations to others. Extroversion is based on whether an individual is motivated by being alone or with others. Comfort discloses how to motivate a person to be cooperative and loved by everyone. Sensitivity measures the person’s emotional stability.

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All these personality traits are reflected in each person’s aesthetic, and it is the relationship between personal personality and aesthetic trends that underlie fashion psychology.

For example, you are looking for a dress to attend a friend’s wedding in Cebu. The time to stand before countless choices, labor dragging and searching on google has ended. An e-commerce platform powered by deep-learning artificial intelligence models is probably also smart enough to personalize the shopping experience and calculate contextual, emotional, and personality traits.

When personalization through AI support is subtle enough, users don’t even know that their shopping experience is personalized. Users see better products and smarter websites, feel more inspired, and quickly get the products they want.

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The fashion industry, however, must determine that this type of online personalization will require a lot of data, not to mention that consumers must be accustomed to providing data and staying logged in. Retailers will have to commit to being responsible for the data, while consumers must accept to provide additional information to enhance their experience.

Understanding fashion psychology will also change the way articles reach readers and save journals from the current recession. Content about fashion will become more personal, less redundant.

Mickey Mouse is present on all shoes in 2020

It is sold at a variety of prices, the world’s most influential fashion brands all launch their shoes in 2020.

Gucci was one of the first brands to launch a product featuring Mickey Mouse prints. They hit the Asian market in 2020, Gucci is the name that most attention.

The collection for the five mice of the company includes many products such as bags, pants, shirts, but the most prominent is still 5 models of shoes and sandals. Launched in mid-January of this year, these shoes immediately sparked a debate across forums as well as the shoe industry.

Chuot Mickey co mat tren moi doi giay, tu Zara cho den Gucci hinh anh 15 gucci15_1.jpg

Besides complimenting the youthful, dynamic but still very sophisticated design, many people said that the collection is too expensive for the Asian market because the price starts from 370 USD for sandals and about 890 USD for sneakers.

On January 6, fashion followers quickly noticed the Mickey Mouse-shaped products from the Moschino brand. With only one shoe model appearing in the launch with clothes. The company does not use the original image of the famous mouse of Disney, but the modified image.

Receiving compliments with creativity and clever thinking in the use of high-quality leather, this shoe also encountered mixed comments. The shoe is currently priced at $ 445 on its homepage and stores around the world.

Chuot Mickey co mat tren moi doi giay, tu Zara cho den Gucci hinh anh 24 gucci28_1.jpg

This popular fashion brand knows how to please shoppers. After a series of high-heeled shoes with Mickey and Minnie Mouse pictures released in October last year. No longer the 7 cm heel cap, instead are youthful, personality sneakers.

The price of 129 USD for each version is the number that is commented to be quite high compared to the brand and the shoes are not too beautiful. Besides, there are still many people who actively support for Aldo’s new collection.

In addition to the Ultra Boost models with bold spring flower motifs, adidas also quickly launched 3 versions of Stan Smith and Superstar shoes.

The secret to becoming a golfer has the most impressive style on the field

The prominent golfers in the golf sport are often the faces representing many golf fashion brands. They always need to ensure their beautiful and well-groomed image when appearing on the golf course as well as in public.

Therefore, learning the fashion styles of these famous golfers is an absolutely bright and simple thing for you to form a stable style for yourself.

If you are a fan of the classic look on the pitch, do not miss the Arnold Plamer outfit. This Golfer has a fairly simple, strong and fashionable fashion style that is extremely luxurious and trendy.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

If you are a fan of the sophistication and sophistication of modern golf apparel, then Adam Scott is a golfer you should be aware of.

Scott is considered one of the most impressive golf clubs in the market today. He always knows how to refresh himself by regularly updating the latest designs of fashion brands.

Or you are someone who always wants to be the focus of attention when appearing, choose a style similar to Billy Horschel. This golfer always makes others unable to take their eyes off because of the pants with many motifs and their colorful colors.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho thời trang golf

The first, if you want the clothes you wear to be coherent and logical, then from accessories to clothing, you have to choose the same style. You cannot wear a modern outfit but wear a pair of classic shoes that do not fit.

The second, create accents, not turn your whole outfit into a highlight. It would be extremely ridiculous if you combine a checkerboard shirt with a colorful pants with countless motifs.

Instead of that, you can use a monochromatic pair of pants, or keep the floral pants and combine it with a simple T-shirt or shirt with elegant colors. Another small tip is that you should choose a belt of the same color as your pants or shirt so you don’t feel like your friend is being divided into 3 separate parts.

French girls are … very crazy

French women represent an elegant and classic school of fashion. Surely you have heard a lot about French women in general and about girls in Paris in particular. They represent an unadulterated elegant and classic fashion style.

They have an irregular lifestyle as the way they beautify themselves. But you know, not only beautiful, needless, always smelling of attractive scents, French girls are also … “crazy” anymore. And it is the “crazy” that makes them an endless source of inspiration about lifestyle.

If you’ve ever peeked through a French girl’s bag, you’ll come across a new height of clutter. French women prefer low-cut tote bags because it is one of the typical accessories of minimalist style. Then they cram whatever they can into it, even … trash.

It is not difficult to find chewing gum residues in curled dry wrapping paper or invoices of all sorts at the bottom of the bag. This shows the quite carefree lifestyle of French women. They don’t let their minds bother themselves into the details and tie themselves into any framework.

They may not really care or just pretend like that. Who knows. But one thing is for sure, they are not afraid of being judged by anyone for whatever they do. They are comfortable expressing themselves and not thinking too much about “tomorrow”.

It is very easy to socialize with the French but it is very difficult to play with them. You may find them artificially friendly when meeting you and kissing your cheek but to be able to start a conversation and extend the conversation to them for more than 5 minutes, never!

It’s a little mean when judging others to be mean. However, the problem is that no one needs to judge, French women know that they are mean. And they take it as a natural character, and keeping it shows their steadfast nature. Bad, then nothing. The harmless malice that does not affect anyone is acceptable. There, they are crazy.

Renovating personal fashion style in 2019

Taking care of yourself is always a great start to starting a new year. A revolution for style is really what you should do right away. The following suggestions may be a source of inspiration for the boys.

A good clothing store needs to be inspected and updated every time. Your wardrobe is no exception. With a few simple steps in the following men’s fashion style reform, we will help you get ready for the new year.

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Simply the foundation of splendor, because when building simple simplicity, you can wear many layers or add accessories without being overly oversized. So the first advice is to keep the basic, minimalist things that you wear the most. Plain t-shirts, dark jeans, gray sweatshirts, or oxford shirts and accessories that you use every day, all should be kept or added if needed.

If you see that baggy is not my type of pants, you should try a pair of stand-up pants. It was quite a reasonable item to cover any defects of the legs. Besides it is minimalistic but still creates enough attraction for your outfit. It all depends on how well you understand your body and what it fits. Open the closet! Perhaps you’ve missed some of the details in the wardrobe that can give you a great experience when you make use of them for new distributions.

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People are always arguing that Swiss watches are the “king” of high-end watches. However, do not think any Swiss watch is worth a fortune, there are always more suitable options for your purse and also help you look no less than a luxury watch.

With a modest price of around £ 500, you can try the Hamilton, Christopher Ward or Tissot brands. All are produced in Switzerland, and all carry their own “substance” while still satisfying your pocket.

Activewear – Modern sports fashion style

In the fashion industry, nothing is done as a norm and the rule is not necessarily constant. In an age where people are free to choose their clothes and style, it is no surprise that pajamas are worn down the street or gym clothes are worn to work.

Remember in the 1980s, aerobics were extremely popular with Western women, and bandages and tight-fitting t-shirts began to blur fuzzy pants. But at that time, the trend was not widely accepted and was considered to be miserable. Now everything is different. Sportwear (Activewear) is becoming fashionable.

Activewear is not limited to use outside the gym, activewear is also improved in appearance and features to wear like normal clothes. Especially in North America, wearing legging under a dress to go to work, or going out to dinner with a sweater is gradually accepted – even considered luxurious.

Experts believe that the trend of activewear will grow and be popular. Tom Julian, Director of market research firm Doneger Group, asserts that the success of the advertising campaign for denim will be repeated for activewear. This is not a fashion trend, but a new way of life.

Glenn Murphy, CEO of Gap Inc, is optimistic about his Athleta brand. He said Athleta’s costumes are resonating with many features suitable for today’s women’s needs. Athleta’s growth in revenue is admirable. From a rudimentary store built in 2011, Athleta had 65 stores two years later.

Gap Inc is expected to have 35 more stores this year. Gap Inc is not the only company to invest in this prevailing trend. H&M, Uniqlo, Victoria’s Secret and Forever 21 have also started selling fashionable sportswear from the past few years.

Activewear’s potential for development is attracting people who create the world’s leading fashion trends. So don’t be surprised to see a yoga pants cost a few hundred dollars. We call it “Advanced” – Sweaty Betty and Lululemon, the first brands to enlighten the era of level up for activewear.