Some things about Japanese fashion

When talking about Japanese fashion, it is impossible not to mention the very different fashion style of Japanese people. Fashion plays a very important role in the daily life of the people of Funan because they value clothing very seriously. For Japanese, clothing is a simple way to express yourself and demonstrate the ability to update the latest fashion trends. This phenomenon is evident in major Japanese cities, especially in cities such as Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka.

When it comes to Japanese costumes, people often think of Kimono. This traditional costume is one of the most prominent features of Japanese culture. Although this costume is no longer in common use, it is sometimes possible to see some Japanese girls dressed in Kimono on formal occasions such as weddings … Kimono has many types. Kimono will vary depending on season, age, marital status and depending on the event.

Furisode is a traditional kimono for single girls. This outfit has bright colors, colorful, diverse patterns and is often made of high-quality silk. Furisode is very popular in social events like tea ceremony, ikebana flower arrangement and wedding party.

Another traditional kimono is Tomesode. Just like Furisode, Tomesode is often also worn in social events like Furisode, only Tomesode for married women. This kimono has a short sleeves, colors and designs that are somewhat deeper. Tomesode can basically be divided into different types suitable for each social event.

Yukata is another form of traditional kimono. This costume is for both men and women and is usually worn in summer. For more formal occasions, this kimono will be worn with geta wooden sandals and obi belts wrapped around the waist. Yukata is usually made of light cotton material with colorful designs and colors. This dress is worn a lot in holidays, festivals and religious ceremonies.