Mysterious beauty of the most beautiful women in history

The most beautiful women in history who are not born possess a radiant beauty. They must follow the principles of nutrition, paging or have their own secrets, sometimes by unexpected substances.

Elizabeth Queen

The most beautiful woman in the world in the 19th century was Austria’s Queen Elisabeth. She is famous throughout Europe for her perfect skin and chestnut-thick hair, hen she spreads to heels. Every day she spends 3 hours to brush and curl her hair. To keep her skin beautiful, she pressed the strawberry juice and rubbed it on her hands, face, and neck. She bathed in warm olive oil, while sleeping with a mask. The mask was inside the raw meat.

Her favorite meal is extracted from chicken, venison, and beef. Queen Elisabeth often wrapped herself in a bra that was so tight that her waist only measured 49.5cm.

Cleopatra Queen

The queen of Cleopatra of Egypt shook the hearts of powerful men and women at that time. Perhaps thanks to the charm, the charm, but also because of the scent of … feces and insect intestines, ingredients in cosmetics that she uses.

Cleopatra certainly adopted the beauty method of her time, whereby women often rub their lips with a lipstick made from crushed beetle gut and rub the crocodile into a powder under the eyes.

But Cleopatra is a queen, so she has the most luxurious beauty secrets, in which she is bathed in fermented donkey milk. Every day, the servants had to express milk from 700 donkeys, fill the bathtub and Cleopatra was just deep in it.

This milk is thought to work to reduce wrinkles and appear to be effective. Current cosmetic experts believe that fermented lactose will turn into lactic acis, helping the surface skin on the female body peel off, revealing the soft skin underneath.