The book revealed the secret of beauty care for Japanese women

Skin dance” is given to any woman who reads it a simple and effective secret that restores and maintains the dreamy skin. Not only for Japanese women, over the years, declining health and especially faded beauty has always been a secret sadness of almost every woman in the world.

The signs of age are most pronounced first in the skin – with the appearance of wrinkles in the corners of the mouth, corners of the eyes, the phenomenon of melasma and freckles, sagging skin or dull skin pigmentation …

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However, the Japanese female dermatologist Okyanmama has stated that, in fact, all signs such as wrinkles, melasma or freckles are not the deciding factor in whether a face is aging. .

The biggest cause of the impression of aging in the face of women is the sagging of the skin surface and the muscles under the skin. And this same woman, the author of the book Dance of the Skin, recently published in the world, created a method of massage and facial muscles training, which is likened to “collective practice.” sex “for the muscle bundles under the skin, bring a clear facial lift effect and rejuvenate the miraculous face after only a short period of hard practice.

As soon as it was launched, Skin Dance was amazing and conquered millions of Japanese women because of the effect that the method brings to their skin. Especially, the massage movements are very easy to follow and perform at home every night, which is remarkably effective over time, without painful surgery, without using expensive skin care products …

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Okyanmama herself also had to endure a surprisingly aging aging skin when she was only 38 years old, and always cooked her intention to do facial lift surgery to save the situation. But now, she is 52 years old and still possesses a skin full of vitality like a woman over 30.

Not only writing about the miraculous skin rejuvenating massage, Okyanmama also shared a myriad of good skin care tips that she collected and experienced from her journey of tens of years working in the beauty field. : Nursing skin from inside. Eating helps nourish the core of the skin, Face lift even when sleeping with “secret weapons”, The more simple the skin care cycle, the higher the effect, jojoba oil and secretly tighten the pores hair…