The book revealed the secret of beauty care for Japanese women

Skin dance” is given to any woman who reads it a simple and effective secret that restores and maintains the dreamy skin. Not only for Japanese women, over the years, declining health and especially faded beauty has always been a secret sadness of almost every woman in the world.

The signs of age are most pronounced first in the skin – with the appearance of wrinkles in the corners of the mouth, corners of the eyes, the phenomenon of melasma and freckles, sagging skin or dull skin pigmentation …

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However, the Japanese female dermatologist Okyanmama has stated that, in fact, all signs such as wrinkles, melasma or freckles are not the deciding factor in whether a face is aging. .

The biggest cause of the impression of aging in the face of women is the sagging of the skin surface and the muscles under the skin. And this same woman, the author of the book Dance of the Skin, recently published in the world, created a method of massage and facial muscles training, which is likened to “collective practice.” sex “for the muscle bundles under the skin, bring a clear facial lift effect and rejuvenate the miraculous face after only a short period of hard practice.

As soon as it was launched, Skin Dance was amazing and conquered millions of Japanese women because of the effect that the method brings to their skin. Especially, the massage movements are very easy to follow and perform at home every night, which is remarkably effective over time, without painful surgery, without using expensive skin care products …

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Okyanmama herself also had to endure a surprisingly aging aging skin when she was only 38 years old, and always cooked her intention to do facial lift surgery to save the situation. But now, she is 52 years old and still possesses a skin full of vitality like a woman over 30.

Not only writing about the miraculous skin rejuvenating massage, Okyanmama also shared a myriad of good skin care tips that she collected and experienced from her journey of tens of years working in the beauty field. : Nursing skin from inside. Eating helps nourish the core of the skin, Face lift even when sleeping with “secret weapons”, The more simple the skin care cycle, the higher the effect, jojoba oil and secretly tighten the pores hair…

The secret to natural beauty without makeup

Only a few secrets to skin care are quite simple but make you become fresh and beautiful naturally without any kind of chalk.

Facial cleansers that contain strong bleaching ingredients can help you remove dead skin cells quickly but dry and irritate the skin. So one of the top tips for women is to use a mild natural ingredient. They will help you wash your skin from dirt, sweat without allergy, acne and of course are suitable for almost any skin type.

Give yourself the habit of washing your face every morning to wake up and every night before going to bed. That will keep your skin clean, radiant and prevent acne from attacking.

Note that not all anti-acne cleansers are the right choice because they are usually quite powerful and can irritate the skin if used too much. Just wash your face with gentle natural milk in the morning and only use special treatment products in an emergency.

You should know that the cream is the savior for eyelashes. You only need to apply regular cream on the eyelashes to help them grow longer and faster instead of using mascara. Of course, in case you still want to use mascara, the cream will also be a cleanser to help you remove the black ink more gently.

Coconut oil is not only a gentle makeup remover for women but it can also be used as lip balm. You just need to apply a layer of coconut oil gently to your lips and will feel the smoothness immediately. Coconut oil also moisturizes your lips and heals cracks on your lips, making your lips brighter and brighter.

Many moisturizers can irritate your skin and make it even more oily. An ideal moisturizer that will help smooth and radiant skin without being too shiny or too oily. Therefore, be sure to choose a moisturizer that is suitable for your skin.

The effect of mineral spray on face skin

Mineral spray is considered an indispensable product for women when taking care of skin and makeup. However, in addition to basic uses such as spray on the skin for cooling or moisture balance, mineral water spray has many other uses that you may not know.

Mineral spray is a liquid form of cosmetics, contains many mineral ingredients that enhance skin moisture, balance pH, limit the harmful effects of cosmetic chemicals and minimize the harmful effects from the weak External elements like dust pollution.

A primary use of mineral spray is to moisturize the skin. Mineral spray contains mineral ingredients that have a strong protective effect on the skin. In addition, mineral spray enhances the skin’s moisture content from 10% -20% and does not create an oily layer so both acne and sensitive skin can be safely used. Not only that, it also keeps the skin looking fresh and soft in air-conditioned environment, dry, hot, cold or dry climate.

In makeup, mineral spray can be used both before and after makeup. When used first, mineral spray will help clean the skin, moisturize the skin to make it smoother. After applying make-up, spraying mineral works to make skin look real and not prone to scratch. If you use mineral spray after make-up, it will make the makeup layer smooth, the color will be more even and keep it longer.

The rubbing of makeup remover will make the skin a little tense after they have removed the make-up and now, a thin, light mineral spray will help soothe their skin immediately. Moreover, spraying minerals also timely replenishes moisture if unfortunately, the makeup remover of her women can not maintain the moisture for the skin very well.

Mineral spray has a pleasant, mild green tea scent. So, when you feel tired, it is often the time when the skin drops, shake the mineral spray and spray a thin layer of mist on the skin. This is an effective way to refresh your skin and spirit.