3 most famous fashion designers of all time

The twentieth century saw the engineer transform and flourish with fashion. Leading this shift is a series of illustrious names in the fashion industry.

All of them are fashion icons from the last century and today, their legacy to this world are solid fashion empires with countless designs that strongly influence the style. contemporary fashion way.

We introduce to you the names of 3 world fashion designers who have succeeded in embellishing, portraying the lovely beauty of women and the elegance of gentlemen through his unique fashion designs.

Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent has become a big name in the fashion industry from innovating in the redesign of strong masculine outfits to be soft and feminine to serve the needs of women. Yves Saint Laurent is one of the big names in French fashion design and also the first to show the world the power of women’s wear. He also designed the smoking jacket, an elegant and elegant symbol of gentlemen. One of the most important legacies he left behind for the fashion world was the “ready-to-wear” line of clothing.

Pierre Cardin

This French-Italian man has been praised by the whole world for his 20th-century designed products that still retain their modern and aesthetic values ​​to this day. The peak of Pierre’s fame was when the world was racing into space, the innovations in his design being the manifesto of futurism. Pierre’s legendary bubble dress is a combination of all aspects of the future, inspired by fiction, a combination of elegant standards at the time. Unique colors in his own world. It was a daring pioneer that spoke of great thoughts, especially liberation in women’s fashion.

Tom Ford

The name tom Ford blew a youthful breeze into the list of famous fashion designers, he is one of the most famous designers in the world today. The childhood person who once dreamed of becoming an actor once held Creative Director positions at Yves Saint Laurent and Gucci. Tom Ford, born in Texas, has embraced an acting career since he was a kid, but fate has “designed” a different path for him, so today we have a designer. talent in the international fashion village. In 2000, he climbed to the height of fame and became known internationally when he won the Best International Designer Award.