Beautiful skin color crowned in 2019

2019 is the year when the colorful beauty queens are crowned. Both Miss World and Miss Universe are colored people. Miss World 2019 belongs to the beautiful Jamaican Toni-Ann Singh.

This is the 4th time in history, a beautiful Jamaican crowned king in the Miss World arena. Toni-Ann Singh is currently recording the song “I have nothing” by black pop queen Whitney Houston. She takes that to raise charity “Beauty with a purpose” worldwide.

The new Miss Universe Tunzi was invited by the Queen of color television Oprah Winfrey to visit the women’s leadership academy that she founded. Because the answer of Tunzi’s leadership role for young women before his coronation was impressed.

This year, for the first time in history, beauty pageants such as Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss America and Miss Teen America all belonged to people of color.

The first black beauty ever crowned at Miss World was Jennifer Hosten of South Africa in 1970. And Miss Universe first in the world was Janelle Commissiong crowned in 1977.

The reigning Miss South Africa Tamaryn Green has just revealed she has spent her days battling tuberculosis and has filmed. Now she has returned to school. Here she became a messenger of tuberculosis prevention.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Sắc đẹp da màu lên ngôi

During this time, she had to temporarily stop studying for treatment. After this illness, she immediately returned to the classroom for fear of not being able to follow the class.

But then she got sick again, this time she had to fight hepatitis and was forced to ask briefly. Fortunately, in December 2015, she was cured of illness and returned to the path of study.

Before falling seriously ill, Ms. Green applied for Miss South Africa. However, her health condition forced her to withdraw. Three years later, she continued to apply again, and this time history called Green.

Fashion and body liberate people

It is impossible to design without understanding what the design focus is, who the creative mind is. Perhaps in contemporary thinking, the measurement of body tight dresses will not be different from the threat of menacing the delicate curve of women.

Women of this century celebrate freedom and feminism through clothing and the language of makeup. However, when you ever stand in front of a mirror, you wonder if all the media in the village is drawing about a lasting freedom to really liberate your body?

Fashion can liberate the human body? Or on the contrary, it is the human body that really breaks the chains that inhibit the creation of fashion?

In 2017, fashion forums simultaneously posted images of black models with the strange name Shadu Gram. Whether the new face has never strayed on any fashion floor, or originated from any family tree, the popularity of Shadu Gram is completely equal to the famous names of the current fashion village. Gigi Hadid or Cara Delegvinge.

More than 116,000 followers on Instagram, along with appearing on top news sites, makes the public curious and eager to see the real black Shadu Gram. But, amid all the expectations of the fad, Shadu authentication information is only a fictional character, designed by graphic software.

After the success of the black member, Instagram social network continued to make noise about the singer with a different fashion style called Miquela Sousa. The innocuous questions about making the public hotter than the Shadu Gram girl, when Miquela’s personal page regularly updated her own images appeared alongside the en vogue celebrities.

Even this surreal character also owns the extremely successful single “Not Mine” and makes it to the Spotify charts. Although the existence of the Miquela Sousa girl is not verified by anyone, many people still speculate that this beauty is also a creature created by digital.

Women & Wine: sophistication, glamor & beauty

Women have many similarities with wine. Both were hailed as “gifts of God” and made men fall in love. Nearly 80% of the men surveyed said that a woman in a soft silk dress holding a glass of wine was an attractive image sexiest.

Women are always considered enchanting unknown, both sweet and unpredictable. Interesting that wine also possesses a multitude of flavors and personalities that make it always considered to have many similarities with women. Through choosing and enjoying wine, the woman also reveals many personality traits as well as how to enjoy life.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho phụ nữ và rượu vang

Enjoying wine is also a way for women to assert a strong, sophisticated spirit, master the situations and “equality” in pleasure that was once considered a man’s privilege.

Besides, the moments for myself with a glass of aroma is a relaxing moment for any woman. Sipping a glass of wine is also a way to slow down the hustle and bustle of life; Stress relief and emotional relief effective for women in modern life.

The women who drink red wine in moderation still keep slim and young body thanks to the natural organic substances in this drink which helps lower blood fat, boost metabolism, slow down the aging process of cells.

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According to Reuters Health, a 13-year study of the US with 20,000 women showed that people who drink wine in moderation every day reduce the risk of obesity by 70% compared to those who do not care about this “gift of god”. In addition, sipping a glass of wine has the same effect as when you go to the gym for an hour.

Not only beauty on the outside, wine also helps women have a breath of breath, charm and a sharper memory. Women who drink red wine also have a stronger desire for sex because it helps to circulate the blood of the active ingredients in grapes and it is that desire that attracts irresistibly attractive to men.

Sexy beauty of women in the eyes of men in the world

American men rated women as tall, plump, blond, blue-eyed or brown-haired with beautiful brown eyes. They are not too strict about the color of the skin, though white or tanned has its own beauty.

Chinese men like slender women or have neat, soft, smooth white skin, small face and pointed chin, big eyes. Fan Bingbing is one of the most beautiful people who possesses the Chinese brand identity.

Vẻ đẹp sexy của phụ nữ trong mắt đàn ông thế giới - 3

Share on Quora, Nat – a man from China said: “The better you are, the better you can judge through the A4 challenge.”

The A4 challenge is a challenging new beauty standard in China and some Asian countries a few months ago. You will compare the waist width with A4 paper.

The Egyptians rated women with a solid physique, bustling breasts are the most beautiful and charming. In Bulgaria, men tend to appreciate women with tall stature, toned bodies and full loops.

The Philippines is a great power of beauty in the world. So what is the special beauty standard of women in this country? According to the nation’s beard, women with good stature, even small, are beautiful if there is a good proportion of hips and buttocks. The perfect first round should be F-size.

Alec – a netizen from the UK shared that a man of this country likes women with moderately stature, not too skinny but should not be fat, big but not too big to “surpass”, his body is toned. . Ideal height is about 1m70.

In Bangladesh, a woman is considered beautiful when they are over 1m57 tall, black hair, dark eyes and thick, thick eyebrows.

Vẻ đẹp sexy của phụ nữ trong mắt đàn ông thế giới - 7

According to a man of this country, besides the physical beauty, Bangladeshi beard also assesses the woman through the beauty of the soul like the elegant and elegant lifestyle ….

French women are famous for their elegance. An ideal girl in the eyes of French men is a blend of fashion models with a friendly house girl.

In addition, this water beard also loves women with style, substance … such as a Tom boy girl. In particular, they would love to see women having a mini-ring rather than girls with oversized breasts.

why women need to be beautiful

There are many women who don’t take care of their beauty. However, the fact that appearance is always the first impression for the opposite. Whether you are dating a man, or you are interviewing at a certain company, taking care of a perfect appearance always impresses others. Not only that, beauty looks in modern life is the key to success in career for women.

This is undoubtedly disappointing for women who have traditional conceptions, respect the beauty of the soul, but it’s always true in real life. The fact that a man is so enamored of the beauty of a girl is not simply a hobby, but a law of creation. The biological nature of the man the creator gave is the ability to propagate.

They are always fascinated by a woman with good looks. Because in the subconscious of men, a beautiful woman will give birth to beautiful, intelligent children. It is because of this biological nature that sometimes men do not distinguish between natural beauty and artificial beauty. As long as they feel a sexy, beautiful woman, they will be easily attracted.

When women understand this problem, accept the natural truth of creation, always take care of yourself and take care of your beauty so that your man is always in love with you. Whether women of any age, circumstances, will have their own beauty. Just take care of it a little, your man will always be by your side.

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Be honest with yourself, you really want to be beautiful to confidently meet anyone and appeal to them at first sight, or you want to be clumsy, sloppy to expect others to see beauty soul inside you? No matter how you answer, you’re right.

However, you need to accept the obvious fact that beautiful people are more confident than non-beauties. Especially for women, it is even more true than many times. Because women themselves represent women. The beauty of women not only makes themselves more confident, but also affects the psychology of the man next door.

The effect of mineral spray on face skin

Mineral spray is considered an indispensable product for women when taking care of skin and makeup. However, in addition to basic uses such as spray on the skin for cooling or moisture balance, mineral water spray has many other uses that you may not know.

Mineral spray is a liquid form of cosmetics, contains many mineral ingredients that enhance skin moisture, balance pH, limit the harmful effects of cosmetic chemicals and minimize the harmful effects from the weak External elements like dust pollution.

A primary use of mineral spray is to moisturize the skin. Mineral spray contains mineral ingredients that have a strong protective effect on the skin. In addition, mineral spray enhances the skin’s moisture content from 10% -20% and does not create an oily layer so both acne and sensitive skin can be safely used. Not only that, it also keeps the skin looking fresh and soft in air-conditioned environment, dry, hot, cold or dry climate.

In makeup, mineral spray can be used both before and after makeup. When used first, mineral spray will help clean the skin, moisturize the skin to make it smoother. After applying make-up, spraying mineral works to make skin look real and not prone to scratch. If you use mineral spray after make-up, it will make the makeup layer smooth, the color will be more even and keep it longer.

The rubbing of makeup remover will make the skin a little tense after they have removed the make-up and now, a thin, light mineral spray will help soothe their skin immediately. Moreover, spraying minerals also timely replenishes moisture if unfortunately, the makeup remover of her women can not maintain the moisture for the skin very well.

Mineral spray has a pleasant, mild green tea scent. So, when you feel tired, it is often the time when the skin drops, shake the mineral spray and spray a thin layer of mist on the skin. This is an effective way to refresh your skin and spirit.

At any time, women must be beautiful

Women who do not know how to make beauty for themselves are a great. Women who are not beautiful have been a great disadvantage. But women who do not know how to beautify themselves are an extremely sinful thing.

Being born as a woman, she is rich in beauty or not, she must know how to beautify and paint for herself. It is not good, it is not stylish, then it harms the body then, do not let it fall to fate, do not complain to yourself that you are not happy like people.

A girl, when she was growing up, had a certain man pursuing, they started to know how to make good, beautiful things. Because they know they are big and need an external relationship. And any woman, no matter how you say it, is still what makes people notice first.

You don’t take beauty, you are not exuberant, but you have the choice, one of girls around him. A beautiful girl walks beside a bad girl, surely the bad girl only makes a beautiful girl’s background.

A beautiful women are always favored, will be loved. Even when you go to work, you apply for a job, you have to choose a beautiful outfit, carefully brush lipstick. What is the purpose if you don’t want to have an eye-catching appearance and eat with the interviewer?

Although you do not think about people because you are beautiful but recruited, you should understand that this is the default, the beauty will be convinced and there are more opportunities for you.

Places where you need to dress up, show yourself as the most beautiful girl, even knowing that many people are more beautiful than you. But it’s okay, self-confidence is winning yourself. Girls must be gentle, have to know how to makeup. Let consider that beauty as your own responsibility.