The advantage of women’s beauty

From the perspective of scientists, what research and conclusions do they have about beauty?

In a study by scientists in Australia, the fact that a person has a perfectly balanced face can be seen as a sign of better health than usual. Individuals with an incomplete face are considered not to be in good health.

Although the link between facial fullness and health has not been widely verified, there is evidence that people with a face with many defects will be susceptible to infection, especially infectious disease.

They conducted research on young men and women at the age of 17 in the United States, scientists found that the anomalous characteristics that make the asymmetrical face related to the disorder of the infection chromosomes. Therefore, researchers believe that a face has many advantages, the person possesses good genes and has better health.

This study was surveyed by scientists on adolescents. They measured intelligence with IQ tests and appearance seduction of investigated subjects.

The results show that both intelligence and appearance charm are correlated with gender. On average, men are smarter than women and women have sexier looks than men. So it is important to consider what is the relationship between appearance charm and what looks like intelligence in each gender.

And the results show that women are smarter than women who do not seduce about 6 IQ points, similarly, men look 8 times smarter than men. Therefore, scientists assert, there is a clear connection between the charm of appearance and intelligence. The more beautiful they are, the more intelligent they are.

People with good looks often use their sexual appeal to attract attention and gain an edge like in a job interview. No one denies that face is an important factor for career success. People will admire if you work seriously, professionally, friendly and fashionable. But if you only take care of your appearance and work seriously, you’re still underestimated.